Everybody who “thinks” they are somebody are told by everyone who thinks they are “The One” that to be someone you have to have a blog.  Okay, I can get with this.  Yet, when I’m cruisin’ the world of cyberspace, checkin ‘ out all the blogs I have to say; Whoa!  Wait one minute.  Yeah, with all this available “Intel” and as a people we still don’t seem to have a clue.  Or know…  And.

And this is why I have really given this blogging thing some real focus.  Placed some serious consideration as to, why blog?  What to blog about and how to “keep it real”.  All this mental plottin’ & plannin’ has caused me to drift into the land of illusion and wonder; “Why didn’t I apply to the Department of Defense” for that coveted job as Analyst”.

Conceited?”  Not hardly.  Is he that good?”  Good is relative, but…  Blogging eventually moves the Blogger to the world of damage control and as everyone knows.  The DOD is one of the best at putting the spin on what people thought they gathered from what was placed in the public domain in the first place.  You see, everybody who is, “in their mind” someone seems to forever be cruising the Internet.  Searching with an eye to find; Right.  That blog that they can comment on.  Sooooo, like the DOD, the Blogger had better know what they think they know, ’cause if they don’t.  There will be a line of those who will post what they assume they know, about whatever it is they just know they’ve recently read on someones blog!

Sooooo, without any more of a delay, I welcome the Seekers of truth as I will open you up to my mind, allowing “you” to have a glimpse of what’s really ogin on in “your” head.  That’s right.  Read and rip, read & rip-up what I’ve presented in your quest to be…  Right, The One!

As for me, I will be fine so don’t worry.  Like the DOD I know who I am and that puts me so far beyond engaging in damage control ’til.  I really don’t think about you gaining on me.  You see, I’m not professing to be that expert. That high profile category will be left to you; Yours Truly!  My position will remain that of a confirmed specialist.  You know, the Specialist.  Like the Assassin, the one you know you just saw, but cannot say you really know what you think you know, about what you want everyone to know you know.  The Assassin, that one who was recognized by the best, sought by the best to be trained by the best to eventually be the best as he or she is separated from the rest.  So long as they know their position as the best.  Hummm!

It is on this domain that I will only speak and write on what it is I actually know.  And when the attacks are mounted, while the many demanding that I defend myself, (reads; keep the drama flowing), remember this.

I will be felt, seen, and occasionally heard.  Sometimes you will think that I have been distrubed, but…  These are just words.  I am not bothered by your mouth and if what comes outta mine bothers you, guess what?  You may not be The One you thought you were!

Welcome to your world…


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