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ICHAS8440.Graphics.BreastMan.IVWhy shouldn’t I be, upon introduction to life they were the source of my nourishment.  When I wanted to snuggle, feel the warmth the comfort had no compare.  Now, today I hear about all those united in matrimony or just “coupled-up” but steadily complaining about a sexless situation.  Recently a call came in from one who had another whom she wanted me to speak with about…  Just say the young-adult had an issue with her significant other and the issue was actually not an issue at all.  Seems she had discovered a ‘lil cheating goin’ on without the discretion of those in play doin’ it at least behind her back.  After hearing about this alleged infidelity along with witnessing her attempts to dramatize the presentation with a snob here and there I simple asked “What’s your age”.

Being 18 and a few beyond doesn’t give anyone the right to claim infidelity in regards to relating to another because in all reality at this point in life, based on the hurried Westernized Socialization sweeping the world…  It’s not about settling in while committing to one.

I realize this will be disputed and some will take their convictions to the grave, to which…  I’m perfectly acceptable with because the false rationale those beliefs had been based on from The Gate only would have made them really un-accepting when engaged in any future life participation after finding out what I’ve known all alone.  Reality in transition can be a Mutha’.

Adultery, Infidelity, Sexless Relationships, where is this all comin’ from?  The Contemporary Scientific Researchers data suggest the causes have a direct link with the many stressors created by such a quickly advancing society.  Work related, mis-conceptions of a preconceived lifestyle related, religious conflicts related, psychological disconnect related, emotionally based mood swing related.  Some truth there but…

During an attendance of a professional B. Ball game I happened to have some choice seats and this gave me a perfect view of the activity taking place on the court.  Directly in front of me unfolded a situation I happened to foresee the outcome and shook my head knowin’ what was about to happen.  Seated directly next to me was a couple and the man who had also observed the action happening in real time asked me how did I know what was gonna take place.  Without taking my eyes off the game I shared knowledge with him.  Likin’ what I said, we became fast friends while enjoying the game at which time he invited me to party with them afterwards.

At the club with all the festivities taking place I was able to still see how he “bounced” the breast of his significant other right in full view of all who sat within his party.  Despite the flickering lights I had a good position and as I sat back in my seat, stared and drifted with my thoughts at the up and down delights.   One of his people nudged me and once he got my attention said, “Buddy, whoa whoa whoa, don’t ‘cha think you should tone it down and set your eyes on something other than the big man’s womans’ Tits”.  Not moved by this attempt at intruding on my thoughts I kept my eyes on The Twins and replied, “No”.  The guy heard me out and sat back, took account of what I had and himself, turned back to me and smiled.  Yes, basically this could have been interpreted as me sayin’ “F**k you and let me feed you some fish” but this wasn’t a case of a testosterone rush and no I hadn’t overpower him with the scent of my pheromones. This was a pure understand of Game recognizin’ Game.

In society way too many move forward without any understanding of the culture they come from or are circulating within.  Women take to the dance floor, stroke their bodies move provocatively all for the enticement but will swear it’s a personal expression.  Do they anticipate a re-direct from anyone within a direct line of sight to divert just because of their psychological re-direct?  If so those who believe and stand on this conclusion you’re just like the young woman who ran in frustration when her significant other got busy with her best friend under the same roof they resided under despite her present occupation in the same interlude or…  Explorational time slot.

Personal behavior morphs through a combination inclusive of; Ethics, Morals, Principles of survival, etc etc etc.  What isn’t factored in is what makes ups these Virtues of life and regardless of what compliments how we become who and what we are in relations to how we do it…  All ethics, morals, principles, virtues come from what is assumed acceptable at the time of the cultures’ development.  Bouncin’ The Twins in full view so others can see isn’t about showing you’ve got it like that.  The demonstration is to define that “he is” The Man and if she intends to continue being 1st on “His” Deck this is how it’s done.  As for the women who dance to excite, they are also a product of their environment.  Are they in lust?  Can’t say, what I will say is their actions will definitely instigate some attention and maybe the likes they don’t and won’t be ready for. Still, I doubt any of this has been considered or factored in.

Many things in life are difficult to prepare for.  Lovin’ another and expecting the same intensity in return is one of those things.  Infidelity is a reality of life mainly because even if you’re hard wired for a monogamous situation that is a personal choice.  Your conditions towards acceptance may or may not be based on the same criteria as the mate of choice making for a hard road to continue down once the passion has passed.  Can it be discussed, elaborated on and resolved to re-create the magic?  With the frailties creating the mindsets of societies, supported with the contaminated gene pools making up the highly reactive groups I’d say yeah, there’s a good chance of getting’ it right.  Providing an objective review takes shape.  Much like sexless relationships, withholding something that’s in itself is basic to the union.  How is that for discombobulation.  Again you’ve gotta look at how He/She came about their knowledge, how the understanding of self and kind is related to them the person.

This stuff isn’t simple but it isn’t difficult to put your head around either.  On the first go round with my significant other I know I was feeding on jealousy.  Young, probably just as dumb, just like the YoungStar previously mentioned.  I parade around, knowin’ I was the special someone but in time, we also went through that curve and drifted apart.  Now, right now, not back then; with another I know some things and…

Years down the line I come in contact with a blast from my past and am asked why “did” I let her sleep with my friend.  (Strong implications on that word “did”).  Because I had “turned the corner without fallin’ out the vehicle delivering me to further destination” I believed…  Like most that grow she had too so I said, “I didn’t let you do anything, recall your sexual tension whenever he, my friend was in our mist”.  She hadn’t grown so I had to elaborate and did.  “Your desires to get busy where on full display expressed all over your face, if I’d of been the beast you made me out to be I’d of whooped that azz on the spot. But…  I didn’t worry about you being who and what you were and didn’t trip the small stuff. What, did you expect me to be “that guy” beg for re-consideration.  Pleeeaaase…  You’d of found a way to make it happen anyway.  But a las that was then this is now.  Oh for an appetizer tell me something; was it good to you!”

We are who and what we have become.  The beauty is found in recognizing you cannot change or make others rise to your level of consideration even when you play along with their pent up desires.

Psssss; This brings me to drift into the area of “Role Play” but…  That requires more time of which…  Mine has come to an end.


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Available on any corner and…  You can grab a cup with curb-side quickness by pulling into the dark recesses off the main boulevards along any urban environment.  The drink of choice has its origins high in the mountains where the bean is grown.  Picked at a stage which guarantees to…  Once processed correctly a deep dark liquid to die for, but.  Before you panic and go into overdrive based on something I said about dying lets. 1st discuss the additives that make this hellicious drink scrumpdillidlumptuous.  Cacao baby, oh yes.  You see blend the two and you’ve got it.  Both substances come from a bean with each following an exact processing procedure making them surge with a substance that stimulates and get this; this is only the beginning.

As the drink expands across the land it morphs with a sub-lacing of various ingredientssuch as, Caramel, Vanilla Bean and preferable coming with what is known as a trace element they say is mimicking Captn’ Black Rum. Now don’t quote on this but if I had to speak about this mysterious trace element I believe my conclusion would be.  Nothing traceable it is what it is; liquor.  But…  Let’s get back to the development.

Once blended a few drops of Pure-D-Crème are dramatically dropped into the froth and.  Whipped again for the double-dutch-touch everybody seems to be likin’ these days and it doesn’t stop there.  For your palates pleasure five heaping tablespoons of Raw Cane Sugar goes in for the sweetness, with…  One more whip for that everlasting-out-da-door impact.

Now that you’ve got your drink for the day and proceed to wherever you were headed, feeling like the Kings and Queens of yesteryears who also partook, and.  I must say with delight as they ingestion similar blends deriving from beans, they too began to exhibit characteristics defining the; MocaLacaDocious Mash.  Un Hummm, all those attending to such leaders weren’t about to tell the magnificent Ones they were…

Once-Upon-A-Time or.  For those who wanna refer to themselves as ultra-smooth to anything other than what was descriptively used to define One’s demeanor Back-In-The-Day, I present this.  What goes in eventually finds its way back to the surface and… MocaLacaDocious only mask the madness which simmers just below One’s skin when; In pursuit of bigger and better things.  Oh I’m guilty of being locked down by “TenseTime” too.  What is this TenseTime?  It’s a psychological condition brought about because of the processing of so much Drama over the course of a short time ‘til.  Sensory overload becomes way too intense based on a false belief that the condition produces an edge when dealing with everyday life.  Edge on what or to what I have no idea because when functioning from a position of ultimate tension those neurons firing in the vast mental core are blasting at a rate exceeding creative quantification ‘til you can’t identify let alone…  Choose which explosive pack is carrying what you need to insert into play eliminating whatever it is that has caused the impasse preventing your life’s forward thrust from continuing in the first place and.  You only made it worst with the…

Recently I received emails from those wanting to provide me with an easy access into their Fairy Tales.  More like “Tales from another’s hood” based on how each email seemed to have a distinct omission.  Any time anyone comes charging in sprouting nastiness while perverting what another has said then.  Doesn’t give their name; you know they’re smelling their own funk and are trying to get you to inhale it too.

In dippin’ deeper into their mess I found myself about to slip.  It was “them” who brought the hell to my door and I really thought I was gonna let the demonic part of me loose because as I thought, “They couldn’t bring this to me expectin’ to survive; I slay Dragons and they were breathin’ all over me”.  Then it donned on me, MocaLacaDocious was in full effect.  It had gotten so deep into my psyche, splitting my thought processing mechanism and screaming at me with; “You’re invincible and you know you’re not gonna let anyone come at you like this so go forth and destroy”.  Oh yes, feeling Kingly in my private domain probably much like the Ones’ who crafted the emails I was reading and that’s when I…  Took the preverbal blink and said, “Not me”.  I wasn’t going to “Bow Down” to the temptations of my world which I knew had just been bombarded by a Simpleton demanding to be let in.  MocaLacaDocious mixed with TenseTime makes you wanna slap your momma but.  You really don’t wanna go there so you inhale again, shake it off and realized one thing. “You’re above this and what’s needed to rise above can be doable when you have the skills.”

Tact and Diplomacy is part of a skill-set.  Deploy it and even TenseTime becomes manageable.  Diss it and toss the concepts and…  You might encounter something that will do way more than just go “bump in the night”.  When meeting/greeting another, be it via The Net or during some actual FaceTime, at some point extend a name.  Government name or otherwise isn’t important the 1st name will do.  This simple communication tactic allows for a personal point of reference while defining One’s importance to self and kind.  When any naming of self is omitted all One has done is set the tone and by this I want you all to think cloaking.  Hiding yourself in a way so as the other doesn’t see the dagger you’re about to stab ‘em in the back with.  Oh, I get it; the name was withheld because everybody is quick to Google, discovering those devious things “you” once participated in.  So what, life is what it is.  Someone once told me that too.  I wanted to rearrange his skull because of the insult but.  As time passed Wifey… Not mine, his stepped to me and told it.  He was beyond whatever I even thought I could possibly participate in.  Just That he hid it well.  Oh yes, FOLK luv to point out others and when caught-up in TenseTime “Damage Control” finds you an easy Mark.

ICHAS8440 isn’t about being safe.  Want safe go find a Bank and lock yourself inside.  Like the false sense technology gives FOLK today with regard to remaining anonymous while trolling The Net, same applies.  Especially when someone writes to another telling them, “I thought we had something special but after reading what you’ve made public about us, I mean how could you”.  How could I what…  “Troll” made an indication she was the woman I spoke of in a piece published in 2014 titled “Mary Christmas”.  Was she?  Yeah as far as seeking inclusion.  Much like the many who swear the Fox series “Empire” have somehow captured “their” inner selves through the character of the same series by the name “Cookie”.

My Mary who is actually Felicia like Cookie is a “Bad Bitch”.  Somebody with way more awareness of what’s in rotation during the daily Grind making up their life!  She would be the first to know the omission of Ones name doesn’t guarantee a damn thing.  If anything the failure to do so only confirms that you are pretty much already delusional functioning from a position fueled by TenseTime.  Which…  Is why my reply appears here and not in someone’s Inbox.

Where I come from the culture is usually shown from a depressed mode point of view, and…  Although there are those coming with allegations of New Black, don’t get Twisted.  They are those who have assimilated and refer to themselves as capable of building bridges which is why they are financial prosperous.  Actually there is no such a condition in any people.  Hide from where you’ve come from, act like it didn’t exist and in time you will find yourself in the right time to consider everything that has impacted you while confusion swirls in your mind.

Real Talk, they are truly on TenseTime, just…  Clever in disguising what is goin’ on deep within their mind.  Me, despite of whatever anyone thinks, assumes or decided to push to the forefront, I refuse to be corralled, even when I’m on a MocaLacaDocious rush.

To the level I know Communications between He and She I really haven’t spoken on much.  Why?  Cause most aren’t ready for it.  When flowing with what actually drives the emotions creating the platform in which the dynamics between two unfolds, the positive intensity becomes so fluid ‘til.  Those un-prepared to accept what’s before them see the reality of what’s transpiring and, blink.  Once the eyes re-open they are immediately returned to the false conceptions preventing them in the first place to even experiencing such a situation and. The focused thought becomes, “I’m being manipulated”.  Why?  Because of that old standby TenseTime.  Tension; think lack of clarity. TenseTime; a failure to accept you’ve been elected making “you” believe you aren’t deserving of such a passion and deflection is the only operative course.  Once again the why; because of the pre-disposition of those who’ve actually instilled these beliefs into you without you…  Being aware of the manipulative control of which “you” wanna attempt to transfer to somebody like…  Not me, I’m not about to get into your Fairy Tale and with this MocaLacaDocious putting a polish on me…  Please.

“Whoa, this is way over my head but ‘ya know, really, you are full of yourself.”

That’s all good so let me have that and.  I’m ah make it even better.  For your mental absorption I have something for you.

Top level stupid stuff FOLK do when steppin’ to another.

I….. Think they’re prepared.

Psssss; Big difference between being prepared and ready.

II…. Think they’ve got the “It” factor.

Psssss; Oh yes, “It” actually exist.

III… Think money is a motivator.

Psssss; Not to myself & “U”. Money is a huge motivational
tool with different applications depending on the mind-set of who is identified. You’ve
gotta understand the blend like; MocaLacaDocious.

What I come with is simple insight regarding Communications Between He and She.  The collective content; now this is what makes it intense creating what I’ve known as the “Hypnotic Factor”.  Once One locks down the allure of this component you finally realize, “This is the blend I needed” and.  You feed.  Making your thoughts/visions supreme, owning your life and stop settling for sloppy seconds.  Even when…  Under the direct influence of MocaLacaDocious.

“Who Dat; PT III”

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ICHAS8440.Graphic.WhoDat.PTIII.2015‘Lil Kubla, microcosm of what’s really goin’ on in the minds of many.  Oh, U don’t think so?  “50 Shades Of Grey The Book” that became the trending theatrical must see film deals with fantasies both male and female.  The theme; built around BDSM (Bondage/Discipline Dominance/Submission Sadomasochism).  The nexus, sexual tension based on deprivation.  What was once hidden and only discussed behind closed doors and in nondescript residential Dungeons finally received public anointment.  Exactly as what was going on in ‘Lil Kubla’s mind just as the interest of the public proved with the release of 50 Shades.

Strolling towards the rendezvous spot, contemplating in silence, a car gently comes around the corner, parks in a crazy way right in front of the window where…  ‘Lil Kubla is also standing while in deep thought.  A man of seemingly European descent steps out and casually motions for her to come.  She moves quickly in the direction and…  Watching from a distance I see a verbal interaction developing.  She becomes animated, hand gestures used to push her points.  He steps from behind the door that shielded him and is now right in her face. Violence ensues as he yanks her hair, wraps his hand within its length.  Then he spins her around, forces her to assume the position like a cop would do during a typical traffic stop.  Her hands pressed on the hood of his car he throws her dress up. Is my heart racing?  Am I fearing that this may be a set-up, pre-arranged for their benefit and I just happened to be the chosen one?

The sequence of events has drawn others who drive by, glance over and stop.  Head lights doused and the audience forms.  Sex in the city on Main Street and I like the others, haven’t turned my head.  A shameful act? Shameless FOLK who’ve made up the Looky Lou’s playing a role and not running to rescue ‘Lil Kubla who… Is definitely being manhandled and seemingly violated? Who knows! I do…

Deed done the male zips his clothing while she turns around and just stand there, shaking her head at him.  He slaps her, she doesn’t recoil but keeps standing.  Inside his car he notices me, “donut’s” in my direction and comes screeching to a halt.  He doesn’t get out but lowers his window and intimidates the words “You got a problem”.  His problem was that he hadn’t recognized Shorty B. who now has blocked all possibly exit routes and; speaks softly in his direction.  “Hey, if you wanna start something keep running your mouth”.  My man Shorty B….

For me, it was obvious the intensity of ‘Lil Kubla personal drive and recognized her skills long ago, she luved to push the envelope so to speak.  Like with men and women of today, despite of what I do professionally as tough as she had “pressed up on me”, it may have been only a matter of time ‘til.  The emotional tension pushed us over into Lust Land.  Hence, I moved first.  Shorty B. heard me out and gladly offered to cover my back.  That’s what men do.  We sharpen one another and he knew enough about life to know under the circumstances, “BMIBH” (Black Man In Beverly Hills), it would be a tragedy when the Po Po pulled up and I was identified as the aggressor.

‘Lil Kubla came to me as the car and the male pulled off into the darkness of the night.  Not about to be tricked into believing “Foolio” was leaving so willfully, Short B. followed in the same direction.  Talking with her I found out why she carried her gun.  It wasn’t limited to the need in case she found herself in a compromising position with someone from the outside, but.  As a precaution if and when Hubby got to…

Hubby was the one she truly held fear of, Hubby…  Who took what he decided was his and in his mind she was his property.  She reiterated her hatred towards him and said she should have pulled the trigger when he first pulled up.  My conclusion was why?  Under the unfolding, “up lifting” circumstances, her libido was higher than ever.  Some situations have a way of increasing the tensions between two people who find themselves in a “compromising sequences” of events and she exhibited all the classic signs.  Not to say she sought this, but… I know if she wanted to shoot, she’d of shot.

When speaking with another simple listen to the way the other speaks.  The slight nuances as the syllabic sounds trail off.  Recognize the tremble in the voice, all obvious and all indications of what’s going on deeper in the psyche.  She wanted out of her mundane life but… FOLK become accustom to life’s customs.  She wasn’t going anywhere at least not at this point.  Hubby had Drama and she knew the possibilities of an instant script change.  She lived with the man, knew exactly what he’d assume since she’d been leaving the home on the same night, at the same time, each week.  Did she think I’d not think he’d eventually follow her?  What is known is with so much stuff churning within One’s mind a release point has to be identified.  Which is to say; I knew enough to have Shorty B. run the interference I needed.

In order to make it within the structure of any InnerPersonal relationship a paradigm change has to be made.  With the basic dynamic of the relationship now in flux, what was not acceptable yesterday is definitely up front and center today.  Avoidance of this reality is how One gets caught up…  The shift in perception can be simple when One knows the futility of One’s actions.  The causes and effect which are gonna usher in consequences most don’t intent to adjust to or deal with.  What ‘Lil Kubla thought she knew had been created from a collection of impressions taken from images seen via Media presentations.  “The Hunt” is real and from a visual point this Hunt has a built in stimuli that seeps deep into One’s already over stimulated psyche.  Before it’s realized, you’ve been lead to the entrance of The Rabbit Hole and pushed inside.  ‘Lil Kubla seeking much, wanting more settled for her perceived Storybook life.  What she didn’t know was the flip side of that offered even more intoxicating dangers.

Tic Toc Tic Toc, the same sound of any timepiece, even those that have become so advance through technology ’til they run silent.  Time still moves on and…  The seasons change but The Game remains the same.  ‘Lil Kubla had progressed from where it all began to where she found herself with me.  What she missed was much like “Anna Mae Bullock” from Nutbush Tennessee did once she had made her way into Ike’s world.  She morphed and didn’t wanna accept it.

Everyone aspires to participate but few wanna accept the actual cost for admission.  Genghis Khan descended in or around 1162 establishing The Great Khan Empire.  Kublai his G.D. (Grand Son) continued the philosophy advancing the nomadic people his ancestors spawned from.  ‘Lil Kubla shared that blood line.  What she didn’t retain was the values defined by her; Bloodline.  She said as much during those “private moments” when everything had already transpired and we took a moment for the re-charge.  She hated being married, loved her children but didn’t want to have anything to do with raising them on a day to day basis.  Once she asked me was she a bad person. “Bad”, what is that?  Emotionally she was shot.  Psychologically she had become contaminated and it could all be traced to forgetting where she came from and who she was.  What she became was a result of…  Stuff happens.  She wasn’t F**ked up as she said so many times while crying after the fact.  Confused; yes.  Compromised because she allowed others to tamper with her emotional balance but ‘cha know; that’s life.

From an Anthropology point she came from a tribal existence.  So what, everybody does.  A vassal is a feudal society which is the same social mix today’s societies have evolved to be; Persons/Places dependent on another place full of persons.  When one assumes they are better or so much different than the other, that’s when the tricks begin to go on display.  Tricks are used to create psychological conflict so that it is easier to invade One’s mind.  When deep inside the One with Trickeration sprinkles Pixie Dust, thoughts become clouded and what had been apparent becomes…  Slightly blurred.  They blink in an attempt to re-gain clarity but…  They’ve already been placed in a position conducive for the trick’s completion.  Debauchery is spread.

Gun Powder was made to celebrate life once achievement were accomplished.  Gun Powder like life has a duality.  It sparks an explosion, boom goes the sound of any Fire Works just after ignition resulting in a fabulous display of colors and sound.  FOLK are amazed.  What isn’t realized is the other side of this; capable, new chemical interaction.  Gun Powder can also be used in a destructive sense.  The inventor of Gun Powder just as the FOLK who created the Atomic Bomb didn’t want to participate in the second act of their creation. My thing is; I am the Second act and I’m not; “Captn’ Save A Ho”.  DNA identifies 40% Kushite with 25 percent Mali, and eight % Dutch which is to say, somebody in the great great past of my FAM was deep into the swirl.  Regardless, Kushite is the 25 Dynasty.  Just like ‘Lil Kubla we both come from remarkable bloodlines.  The key is to step off the merry go round and recognize.  We’re not too far removed from what was.  Sex is a biological need.  Livin’ on top of the hill lookin’ down merely means; you can afford to pick and choose from a safer distance.  Doesn’t mean you up on that hill are any better.  Everybody is a toxic mess but that isn’t a prescript for others to be allowed to have all that control over another’s life. But…  Ya know what, ‘Lil Kubla is fine on all this. She wasn’t expecting rescue from me. She did know if she’d of “holla out” she’d of been swept away from all that had transpired, even on the highly visible, recorded streets of Beverly Hills.  As for the others, staring, becoming excited while in the comfines of their automobiles; she nor I ever thought for a moment they’d spring into action and formulate an Evac.  It’s just not in FOLK, or…  Not ‘til support of another becomes publicly fashionable.

“Pullin’ The Layers Back” under any circumstances is a tricky affair, much like “the first hit”.  You go there, sample the… “Sample” and somewhere in your psyche’ a compulsion is activated.  The pull begins and you return again and again, just so you can experience that initial acceleration again and again and again, but…  The 1st hit is always the best; ‘cept; for those who understand the evolution of the mechanics of the move itself.  Once “The Seal” has been broken, a resealing takes place on a psychological level extending to the emotional palate.  When conditions are right and the feelings become real once again, the first hit can be re-experienced therefore, re-opened on any given night.

Life, comes with built-in addictive properties more so where a vice is concerned.  But, was ‘Lil Kubla dealing with a vice?  Are the reasons for her “dis-connect” from what she created based on DNA or?  The list compiled holding these answers will grow with little to no additional thought and everything added can be found in the excuse pile.  What One becomes is usually traced back to excuses.  When getting with another if…  When you see the signs that it’s not a good thing for “you”, stop the roller coaster ride.  ‘Lil Kubla was where she was based on her own failures to address what she didn’t want to be about.  Then again, One’s significant other can become an “AzzHole” and that behavior can be masked making it difficult to see or accept.  Usually the realization comes too late and at a steep price.  When you’re in it and have compromised your true feelings, you won’t just cash in and say it ain’t working.  Putting it in the Lawyers’ hands isn’t a viable move either.  But…  With her, these didn’t appear to be any of the issues.  Maybe she was… Addicted to the massive release of chemicals when; intimately engaged.  She was bored and as a result was on the prowl.  Sex was the great equalized and the chemical reliance was the blast once the trigger released the explosion.

Psssss; Manipulation..?  Don’t think so, today’s battle cry from a female advocacy is they can’t speak up because they’ve been manipulated into the position they voice as compelling.  If this is the case why is it when the same Advocates achieve the separation from one with another a large percentage of those advocating “Get Out Now” move to…  Inject themselves into the lives of those they say they are there to; protect?  Oh yes, I do this and I’ve grown within this.

“Who Dat; Pt. II”

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‘Lil Kubla, thought I forgot! Unconditionally “Beast”; She’s not about to ask for anything and won’t give a damn who complains regarding her reasoning.  Characteristically “Feline” in persuasion that is.  With no hint of domestication.  As for the phrase “If looks could kill”, in application to her, think extreme!

‘Lil Kubla, married w/children and not satisfied in the least. Amoral?  Hummm, someone who’s aware to the point of having real ethical standards which pre-establish the trait ushering in a sense of self and kind, meaning “Nobody is abandoned” especially those who didn’t have a choice in whether or not they were brought into this world; I’d say very moral.  Hubby?  Here’s where things become tricky.  Considering the majority who may be engrossed in such a situation, divorce would be the logical step, ‘cept.  Un-like Cinderella, ‘Lil Kubla woke up in the middle of her fairytale, noticed the darkness spread through the room and quickly realized, “There were way better places than home”.  Still she didn’t buck her responsibilities and deal with the consequences created by her choices.  Now as far as this being logical…

Logical, the standard belief normally applied under such circumstances to which she saw no upside in having another raise her blood.  Oh yes, divorce and this is what comes.  You previous happy home becomes the domain of your replacement figure.  ‘Lil Kubla’s exact words on this, “Why have some idiot slide in, entice Hubby along with my kids, convincing him to abscond with the treasures of my endeavors only to push my same kids off on the Nanny while they continue writing chapters on the Storybook titled Insanity?”  Like I said, feline is only used to assign behavioral lineage.  She was fully conscious of the life she helped to create and understood the elements effecting the total creation.  And something significant she also presented, Hubby had a pass and she had no inclining towards stopping him from running off with the hired help.  Minnie the Mistress, Peter the Pool man, didn’t matter what his predisposition may have morphed to, she wasn’t about to discriminate.  Just don’t assume she’d accept anything less than what she knew she had comin’.  ‘Lil Kubla wasn’t the One who’d graciously sit back and accept the “structured settlement” designed, modified in the camp of an enemy.

Together once again and we played nice.  Hinted at the possibilities of sexual rendezvous and on the same note recognized the enhancing probabilities those “Hidden Avenues” held if we chose to step down into them.  Main Streets with all the glam/glitter also is the stompin’ grounds for those who wanna be seen, heard and will eventually provide an un-called for critique.  The best offerings usually are found on the Byways making up the side-streets and private roads creating intersecting connectors.  Oh, I’m not naïve and know there will be those who’ll quickly disagree and say the chances for exploiting is better when out along back alleys, but…  I haven’t said or alluded to any alleys.  This conclusion only arises in the mindset of FOLK who really don’t understand the full ramifications of…

Hold up, don’t get ahead of yourself or me and misconstrue, assume because of a desire not to be out there where the world watches your every move means something is loss or lacking.  When functioning outside the illuminations of the bright lights, just being in such a situation allows for a clearer rational when wanting to arrive while being fully capable to grasp the actual complexities of The Goose & Gander.  Yes, what goods for the Goose can go for the Gander too.  Pomp and Pageantry for those not knowin’ is an acquired taste but…  Once dipped into like a Boysenberry twirled in a deep dish of melted chocolate, the blend of those fine nuances which…  Over a brief interlude in time will make up another flavor altogether, okay.  So, understanding this, now you have a preview of thoughts known when One takes themselves out of the equation and ventures off the “regulated” path.

Empathy, sympathy there’s a difference and she wasn’t seeking either.  Inquiries were made to me as to how I dealt with my life.  The conflicts she knew I must’ve had encountered in being who and what I was.  Her quest to gather from another’s life didn’t surprise me. If anything she inspired simply because she wasn’t One to refute who or what she was.

Again, FOLK have an innate tendency to seek a Stamp for acceptance from others under the belief that approval will catapult them into higher social standings. If anything this is the true definition of…  Amoral…

She had options and from my vantage point, exercised them correctly.  She wasn’t desperately driven by the thoughts and motivations of those on the outside.  Her life based on this presentation makes for a difficult reception for those who denies they also have latent desires to walk on the wild side in an attempt to see what has attracted and captivated others who… Lie about why they are there and or compelled to drift; shall I say.

The twinkling lights, the pretty ‘Lil Leopards creating an elaborated exotic décor, gone.  Holiday over but evidence of the preparations leading into another are very evident.  Valentines’ Day must be just around the corner.  Such is life, commercialization of the day.  After our last “Meet and Greet” we know somewhere another confidential file is being accessed and updated with contradictory data because.  Just know that when One is aware of the scripts and constant re-writes re-addressing what is, well.  It’s easy to manipulate the methods defining an individual’s madness basically, F**kin’ up all those who watch from behind the scene.  London use ‘ta be the worlds’ most concentrated point for surveillance.  Now, every city is in The Game of “Hide and Seek”.  Gather, review, quantify and provide to the masses, images of what they say it is to be.  Our rendition of a “Bump and Grind” probably gave them fuel. Pushing them deeper into their madness towards…  Hummm, did they think we were just two over sexed FOLK out to get busy with another each of us hardly knew?  Sounds cynical but only to those who refuse to believe every cell conversation taking place in the world is being recorded.

Bodies entwined, lips about to touch, she whispers and I look off into the distance.  The concentration of air coming outta her mouth rises up and around my nose, morphs back down settlin’ along my cheekbones then.  Drifts back up to my eyelashes, I blink, and the air separates elevating right over my forehead; disappearing into space.  We laugh and silently wished there was one of those underground elevators coming up so we could incorporate it into this performance.  Yes, that’s what ‘cha do when…

“Whoa, you’ve got a gun? You brought a weapon to see me?”  Slipping the 380 into a hidden pocket under the arm of her coat, ‘Lil Kubla smiles and ask.  “Are you a virgin?” Feigning surprise I simply say, “For you, yes”.  Nodding her head she shoots another of her signature stares, moves in closer and…  Now inhales my scent.  She is now referring to me as a liar.  Now I am surprised because I had given her more credit than to say something such as this, but.  My credit was due and when she brought me back up to her speed, I could only smile.  “I don’t care if you do this often in fact, I get you about the virgin thing. Your question I got also and so you know, my gun is for those who think they can get in the way with what’s goin’ on in my life”.

They say after the first “hit” of any drug, somewhere in the psyche’ a compulsion is activated.  The pull begins and you return again and again all in the hopes of experiencing that initial acceleration your first had, but…  The 1st hit is always the best and a return to that extra-sensory satisfaction is not to be had; ever again.  Let me tell you something, this is not so.  When speaking about what goes on on an intimate level between He and She, doesn’t matter that “the seal” had been broken.  When “served” right, it is another first on any given night.  It depends on the consciousness of those involved.

Recently a clinical Psychologist said the number one ingred. to a lasting relationship is making your mate your best friend.  It’s also been circulated opposite sexes cannot be friends because they are wired differently and this difference is like sticking a positive charged pole into a negatively charged receptor.  I respect the academic achievements that comes with any discipline but.  Way too many professionals are merely seeking an additional 15 minutes.  Friends like a good relationship are “Few and Far Between”.  When “pushing” something out and the “absorption” begins with a marked rate of smoothness, friendship has already been established.  The currents match despite the supposedly non-supportive physical designs.  What the Psychologist said as he accepted the accolades on generated by such a brilliant discovery was nothin’ new.

When attracted to another first know that there’s a multitude of factors jumpin’ off which either will make it happen or make it vanish quicker than it started.  Arousal isn’t on the secondary platform but the first.  What determines friends from foe is the luggage carried and on display from any previous encounter.  ‘Lil Kubla like any some-one-body I come across.  Married, single, divorce; not my business.  Life was in rotation way before our lives crossed paths.  When One’s wants to let you in, the door will be opened.  The key to maintaining once inside is. Let them say when.

‘Lil Kubla hated what she had become and definitely didn’t want to maintain a marriage just for the sake of appearances.  Something way more revealing was how she felt about sex. Hubby or somebody else didn’t matter.  She loved the chemically induced enhancements from the beginning, during and after orgasm.  Said the overall clarity pertaining to life increased a thousand times.  Yes, much like when seeking that “first hit” experience.  Hubby as she admitted was probably aware of her late night outings but he was no longer that friend.  Friends with him was a veiled sense of reality she said was “Probably due to some male insecurities going on in him”.

There’s more.  A whole lot more.  Havin’ Game and being Game Tight is different than merely being; “Laced”.  ‘Lil Kubla was laced with a hit of lavender and the sturdiness that comes with good leather, but.  If you hadn’t known about the hidden pistol you’d never know who she was nor what she could…  Represent.  Society, class distinction have created vast differences with little to do with humanity.  What she sought, where she found herself wasn’t by chance.  What goes on between He and She is pretty much the same all over the world. There’s subtle difference but that’s what gives any culture its uniqueness.  Why do you think FOLK of different persuasions are privately attracted to those who don’t look or live like them?  The socially accepted taboos; ain’t stoppin’ a thing.  Turn the lights down low and you’ll see that the ignition had already been engaged.

Someone said they don’t like to compete.  I’m cool on that because it’s when you fail to compete is when you cheat yourself.  Game, once again merely refers to the elements making up life.  Game Tight refers to knowin’ what you know and understanding the flexibility within what you’ve amassed.  Wanna know how to factor this in?  Simply look at those who have and know that there’s another side to all things.  There are those who don’t have and won’t ever have because they won’t accept the basic principles making up; The Game.  As for being Laced refer to having command of what you are, you do and who you intend to do.  Think shoe. Tie ups, Velcro connected, slip-ons, doesn’t matter.  They all have provide the same function.  When the method of design doesn’t conform ain’t a damn thing gonna look right or…  Fit.

This has been “served” by The 22nd G and I’m not leaving you hangin’.  It’s just that I came to engage ‘Lil Kubla.  We have much to catch up on and…  To continue would be to overload circuits, so.  Consider this like viewing a film.  Keep following.

Psssss; Okay, for those who can’t get pass the inclusions referencing “sex”, I reiterate, see this as a film.  Sex is the theme, merely used for the attraction.  Like watching a film where He and She are always in the bedroom, it’s not about the bed or the room.  It’s about the development of the characters portrayed.

“Who Dat…”

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ICHAS8440.Graphics.WhoDat.IV - CopyEarly eve, storm had just passed and…  Have you ever looked up and out at the silhouetted mountain range?  When time and conditions permit do so.  Make it right as the sun is making its final call.  Say; twilight.  And oh, make certain no artificial light is in the distant.

The chill factor was lower than it had ever been; FOLK didn’t know what to do.  Many unfamiliar with seasons’ change, complained. Others began to act strange.  Seems when conditions become different and the modification is for the better despite of how critically needed, FOLK just become besides themselves.  Collectively the demand goes out for a return to what is perceived as normal.  Normal; for me it’s standing in the same coldness others shudder from, looking intensely at the mannequins’ draped in the latest designs brought to you by “Agent Provocateur”.  Yes, it’s colder than, what is the phrase; “A Witch’s Titty”.  And I’m vibin’ off of lingerie sets in the middle of the night, standing on Rodeo Drive in the heart of Beverly Hills.

Contemplating the color combinations, considering how Wifey will enhance the fabrics chosen as she struts her stuff, somebody quietly slips along side of me in my; Moment of Solace.  Her reflection, transposed and superimposed onto one of the mannequins appearing in the window, I shift my focus just a ‘lil and…  Caught a personal glimpse of…

Heart beats adding to the mental images I could see her chest rise then fall with each breath.  She was bundled up like a gift wrapped in layer upon layer of complimenting clothing.  It was apparent she knew she belongs.  Condensed air erupted from her mouth as she spoke. Inquiring while we both played at being focused on the subtle but sexy displays; and I…  Shift gears just as smoothly.

“Did you say something?”  Upon hearing my voice she gave me one of those, “No he didn’t” looks, then.  Softly, in a muted tone said, “Do you see anybody else?”  She had jokes and I enjoyed the foreplay responding in kind.  “Oh, a toxic mess.”  She paused but…  Like I said, her reflection was straight in front of me so the shifting from one leg to the next was nothing but “fluff” and I held position. Facial features, still beaming but it was obvious she was pausing for the minute required to recompose, then she fired away.  “And you’re full of harmful intent”.

Beverly Hills, way too late for anyone to be out & about seeking an intimate connection; still.  She, I…  Engaged in our Freedoms of Expression despite what those who watched from afar, monitoring in real time our every visual and audio feed.  Recordings uploaded, transmitted to sites somewhere far away from where we actually stood.  She, we, together under the chill of night, livin’ life, believing the hype that we are free to be…

To be “tucked away”, stuck in some cramp ass cubical, sippin’ on stale whatever while processing the content of another’s personal life, and…  Assessing what they had shared in their moment during a brief interlude, might…  Just might lead some to think, “How vulgar these two, uggga, look at ‘em, two stray hungry mongrels, out on the prowl, sniffin’ at one another’s behinds”.  But…  Little did the “snoops” know or were unable to decipher from the visual conveyances captured that we were definitive of “Apex”.  Fear wasn’t in our DNA.  They, doin’ what they did, had been reduced to the position of pawns.

What’s more vulgar and far removed than those concealed, hiding, functioning without a sense of value or personal worth, as they…  Bite away at their dry lips, immersed while receiving downloads from cameras positioned along the tops of buildings.  Snatching images of another’s world through devices cleverly attached to street post signs.  Hollywood you say; Art imitating life?

Strolling North along Rodeo I’m now standing in front of Bijan’s, and…  Here she is again, standing just a ‘lil closer than before.  I lock my stare for just a bit longer and she bites. Oh yes, that 33 second stare is a Game Changer.  By the time the one focused on realizes what’s goin’ on it’s too late.  You’ve gotten deep inside of them.  If a desire hadn’t been there before, once they hold the stare with you, one thing is confirmed.  You’ve been allowed into their world, and…  The inscription conveyed from the returned stare says, intimate level; please be genuine.

When she told me she was from Eurasia I wasn’t about to resist and replied, “Lil Kubla”.  To which she shot back, “He was a distant relative so I’m chill on that”.  Oh yes, the show we gave…  Free, especially for those in the background, watching, thinkin’ nobody had a clue.  I knew the creepy ones on the other end of the transmitting cameras mis-understood the reason why I…  We; engaged as we did. To them, my words indicated Racist, and she had merely re-acting to the intimidating nature of my behavior.  Which was why…  They were locked up somewhere off site, by those who designed a system to monitor another’s system so they could amass info on how life really goes.  Like The Big Bad Wolf trickin’ ‘Lil Red in that story from Back-In-The-Day.  FOLK and their deceptions.

Jay walking a car full of other’s slows, heads can be seen but none protrude from the windows.  No, not this crew, they resort to high-tech methods to deliver their disenchantment with us.  A few streets over with the lights dim we find ourselves off the main grid, and… Here’s that car again.

Darkness has a way of bringing out the stupidity of many and these characters aren’t too distant from that sort of ignorance.  One steps out of the now parked vehicle, stretches while projecting in a territorial way.  The others follow and.  We happen to be out numbered as they approach, scare tactics in full effect.  My beautiful Red Leather jacket is grabbed forcefully and I think to myself, ‘no respect, no respect”, but.  Flinching is not me.  That’s when it should of donned on these imitation Gangsters; oops, they aren’t the ones.  But…

Now comes Stupid number Two who begins to trace his fingers along the inside seam of Kubla’s exposed cleavage.  She yawns and says, “You couldn’t handle me if I was sleep so don’t even go there”.  Mental examination going on inside my head I realize society has created another set of fake ass monsters with all the dpuble standards and forgotten truths and that’s when I smile.  I… Use’ta luv chasing monsters.

Lookin’ at Kubla while poppin’ my fingernails, I just can’t resist and say. “You ‘lil Bitch Ass Wanna Be.  I’m ‘ah tap dat azz and you  gonna touch every Mutha F**kin’ thang’ in sight tryin’ to get away, but ‘cha know what.”

The “know what”, I didn’t get to, because…  The one touching my jacket, swallowed and that’s when I knew.  I just knew those camera’s were still recording and if I did make the move, I’d be the one in front of a seated Judge being judged based on who I had been perceived to be with…  The passing of judgment having nothing to do with what had been pre-recorded because.  Yes; this was Beverly Hills and as everyone knows the reality of all life is an off-shoot of; “Beverly Wills”.

“Bump that and tell us, how’d the episode turn out?”

Hold up, hold up.  Don’t demand a damn thing from me, especially when I’m in this mode.  But…  Since you all have been such attentive Disciples get with this.  I wanna say she and I walked off into the artificial moonlight and everything turned out alright, but.  I’m not. You’ll have to wait ‘til the recordings.  Yes, remember those hidden cameras?  When it serves “their” purpose an edited version will.  Miraculously emerge and then you still won’t know the real. Beverly… Because, confidential intent will once again create a visual conflict making it emotionally hard to…  Really, why nnot just wait like FOLK do and catch the next release cause this is gonna be serialized.

Psssss; Reality is always relevant to the values & moral fibers of those who possess them.  There are some who believe this didn’t happen and those who know it did take place exactly as scripted.  Then, there are those who will silently wait for the edited version mentioned, to which…  They will accept as factual with no secondary thoughts ever entering their mind.  So in all actuality again..  Why not wait on the sequel.  It’s there where you’ll realize what I said way back when.  There’s Gangsters and there are Studio Gangsta’s. Gangster’s aren’t suppose to be capable of enjoying the spontaneous display compliments of Mother Nature.  Such as the setting Sun dancing with physical images, or…  The appearance of another in the dead of night while window shopping.  Whereas Studio Gangsta’ on the other hand are… Living life based on assumptions. “Kubla, same place, same time but… Let’s flip the station. See you when I do.”


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ichas8440.Graphics.He.2015“Who was he?” It didn’t matter. He saw, “cam”, conquered. “What happened? What we had, just sorta evaporated over night.” No, you looked right, he glanced left; unexplored attractions went off like stimuli spawned from a Star bursting display of fireworks. You knew they were knockin’. You pushed the pace refusing to see what it was, denied the realities. Got nasty said he was crude, rude, un-deserving. Not worthy of you. Explanations came, but. You dismissed them and him. Said his Game was lame. It’s called life. He represented one sex, and that’s all you saw as you stepped on his deck. Like him, you “cam” cause at the time that’s all that mattered. Chemistry, remember? It was all up in the air. Scents mixed, matched, initially neither feels despair. Everybody’s wrapped up. It felt good and then… Again, life happens.

It all starts with the “P”. Bet ‘cha neva’ heard of the Play “Was The P & It Went All Up In Me”. Well, marinate on the one you have heard of, “The Vagina Monologues”. Female’s grand expose’ clarifying it all! Theatrical presentations, each way over the top and no great mystery here as nothin’ new is dropped. One thing though I must point out is both are solo focused manifest based on individual social orientations from which all life springs. Down play it, say it isn’t so, but. Reflect and you finally see; it’s all there.

Let’s not “push the envelope” as way to many like to say. Here, we are “Divers”, and we go deep. Rich FOLK, those on the stair-steps of poverty, it doesn’t matter the Class or projected station of life. “The P” drives all aspects inclusive of those pretending to be living the non-descript life. As for those engaged in the corporate world pretending that all this is below them; don’t believe the hype. Back in time it was the Partnership, guaranteeing the corner office with the double-paned windows providing a fabulous view. Advance that, bring it up to speed, the corner office has been reduced to a large cubical accented by floor to ceiling window but… The Game, hasn’t changed. During hours, after hours, “The Hunt” is still in full effect.  Married, Single, Divorced, all are a part of the sexual course. Know the motivations of “He” recognize it in “She”, the manipulation, mastery of the digitalized keys becomes second to none. Life, it continues.

There was a time He, She, could be identified, recognized way before either of the two met. With the dominance of the real driving force fueling everything, “same sex” is in contention even out on open deck. Life, seems to have been reduced to whatever is in effect. Real Talk… It was even that way “Way Back When”. The difference was, until the chemicals took affect “He, She”, stayed within the decorum they learned to perfect.

Everybody should “break wide” and contemplate the demise of all great civilizations. This stroll through your mind will surprise by what you’ll find. The Garden Of Eden wasn’t a myth, everything sought within life is provided. The key during the discovery is to know all aspects of life demands maintenance. When the “Secret Garden” is entered and He and She “lock” in rotation, don’t think either of you limit the view to a singular glimpse.  Recognize the side streets, glance down the dimly lit alleys. You’ll also hear your name called but… It won’t be your name that’s seeking a referral. Nope; your body. Didn’t expect such a betrayal, but… It’s not. Think life.

Life, much like a One Act Play, you’ve just gotta understand the biology of it. Much like a stem cell that feeds the re-creations of additional cells. When one living cell is weakened, functional ability about to expired, a spark has already been sent. Signal received way before any dysfunctional event occurs and… Another is already there, prepared to keep the regenerative life sustaining process going. ‘Cept, the more it has to regenerate the more likely something can take hold, poisoning the beauty of what is. Just as life in rotation was when… You saw, “you cam” and the conquest was exact. ‘Cept… Over the course of time, you placate yourself and boredom set in. Laziness was in command. Deviant exploration shined brightest providing a more, stimulating attraction, and… Life happens.

Stupid stuff, happens all day. It’s taking place all around and FOLK fail to prepare so they react. Tic Toc, Tic Toc, the sound of the life clock. Everybody hears it but ain’t nobody tryin’ to hear it. Everyone is tellin’ the other one to, “Jump”. “Make a move”, let’s make this happen, and then. Way way down the way everybody stops. Inhales and recognize; it wasn’t “He”, it wasn’t “She”. It was “Me”. Caught up in the moment and didn’t wanna see “We” all can get pulled into the; Event. Sliding, eventually fall off the cliff and in the descent trick ourselves into believing we can change the equation and… Take control of the fall, turning it into an incredible dive. Contorting the body and now… Have created this beautiful three and a half Gainer ending with what is defined as an Olympic Style Swan Dive. Then, a stand is taken, invisible applauds are heard along with a raising of scores scripted with perfect tens, only. You’ve been fooled. It was all a part of the One Act Play.

Live long enough and One will get older, eventually while living so long you will be old and. What was lost or assumed lost will be chalked up as another frivolous moment F**k off because One allowed someone on the outside bangin’ to be let in… In. But… Remember the rally cry “do something”. Realize what is, was, and… Know it is so. Accept the familiarity of life in rotation. Stop thinking it’s different with you. Make the appropriate adjustment to…

Psssss; Adjustments. I like attitude adjustments. Make you wanna slap yourself and toss a kiss to the sky because you’ve finally discovered it ain’t that serious. Okay, on your mark, get set… Now you know. Welcome to two thousand and fifteen.

Pssssssssss; Focus Team , after allegedly tellin’ me they dove deep into this and decided I was saying it’s all about sex. Then… 3 within the team asked for me to. “Please take off your SunShades, the sun isn’t out, we’re inside and… Your eyes are sexy.” Hummm, no need to qualify their point cause think they even knew it was now… Mute.

“Mary Christmas”

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Ichas8440 et al does know there’s numerous Mary Christmas out there and by no means is our “Mary Felicia Christmas” associated with or defines in any characteristic categorical fashion with; Those Mary Christmas. We are secure with saying our Mary Felicia Christmas is… The real Mary Christmas portrayed in this Mary Christmas. We are ICHAS8440 and we authorize this Mary Christmas.

Looking downward I could see reflections of everything above.  Visions with dramatic clarity shooting all through my mind, making it difficult to accept based on the surface floor being constructed of wood.  Yet, I know I see what is happening before me and…  As if unfolding in a super-slow-mo type mode with an underflow consistent with a dream sequence; everything superimposed on a foundation placing me in a sorta “suspended anticipation”.  She…  Yes, with me, female always the interest.  Sashes one way while glancing in another, never missing a beat, then.  In complementing style all the men to paused, stare in disbelief.  I…  Didn’t, but everything within my visual purview suddenly took on the qualities placing me in the middle of this hypnotic affair and I embraced it.  “She” seemed to have appeared outta nowhere, appearing smack dab in the center of everything while commanding focused attention.  As she moved, no, she strolled and strutted with every tempting part of her anatomy goin’ up while nothin’ showin’ the slightest sign of jigglin’.  Walking as if on water with every step, and…  Not a step ever touching the surface floor.

Still adrift, wondering silently how I arrived at this point in life and so…  Held up my Yac and Coke, carefully examining the glass and all its’ contents.  Again, there she was.  Shimmering brilliantly in the amber liquid while doin’ an image transfer from ice cube to ice cube.  Thoughts shifted, watching, considering the possibility of having been drugged and who could it be? The jazzy waitress with the big butt who…  Also advanced this entire experience just by the mere way in which she spoke.  Melodic, a rhythm all to herself.  Raspy, that’s it and I…  Liked it.  Her voice, the raspy tone and how she placed ‘ah ‘lil wispy inflection on each word.  Words pre-dipped in sexiness.  But then on second examination, it couldn’t have been her.  I had been…

Really caught-up now I realized this is all speculation, and…  Extend my hand maintaining a balled fist, fingers folded over my palm.  Advancing thought, consciously I release, fingers pointing outward, a personal flight path takes shape, and I blow.  From my advantage point I see the particles as they elevate.  Rising, gently tumbling over one another creating a rotating vortex.  The gold dust sparkles brilliantly, falling like snowflakes drizzle down.  She continues with her dance to delight, eyes focused yet…  Her head moves almost robotically.  Scanning and…  I watch.  She transforms before everybody’s eyes, morphing, taking on another aura.  Color, blue but far from sky blue and not a dismal dark blue, typical she wasn’t.  Her body becomes translucence.  Transcending into a midnight blue hue, and I think.  Moon-glow.  Lunar like light which dances only with objects capable of animated interaction with such a seductive source.  Body becomes ablaze, she glanced over and…

Felicia, at least to the general public.  Me…  The perception was closer to the reality and I alone called her “Fel”.  Yes because I had taken her there.  Still there, recalling the moment when two entwined becoming the one and just about to cross over into a pure conscious abyss.  Yeah, the point where both are wide awake but out there, on a mission.  Consummation charges the union, sounds of joy breaking the silence.  Letting Heavenly Bodies know how good it is, and.  She…  Didn’t scream or even yell, emoted would be the best way to describe her verbal articulations.  “Oooo Fella’, take me, take me there”.  I did, she went but all I focused on was, Fella’.  Felicia had definitely “fell”, deeper and deeper into what we had created.  And I…  Being “that One” lapped the experience up because…  I was The One.

Stressors familiar with Holiday didn’t come that day. Anxieties nowhere in my field of view.  My life, re-captured then, bumped by somebody also caught up in the inspiration, yet.  Jealousy didn’t become a part of my thoughts but for him, they were evident.  Quickly recognizing the evil encroaching with his presence I mentally dismissed the intrusion.  The true understand of empathy coming forth, “Kluckhead” keep it movin’.  Displaced enlightenment; leave it to those who wish to remain in such a wasteful activity.

Images evaporated and those men came off of pause.  So did the women.  Music continued to play with the melody somewhat different, and then.  I felt that presence again.  Fingertips softly upon my right shoulder, she spoke.  I was hooked, she knew it as much as I because I responded to the side the voice came from while she appeared on the other.  Looking up and over my eyelashes she looked down.  In my eyes I’m sure she recognized I liked the joke.  Smiling with one another she spoke first.  “I knew I remember your face.”  Now I was the one who quickly relinquished the pause button, slipping easily into play mode.  “Yes, and I see you still make others pause.

We sat, eyes still locked on each other, reflections of introspective thoughts dancing in our minds.  Chit-chatted came easily, oblivious to the stares of those caught-up in what was transpiring between us.  Catching up on time passed we brought each other up to speed.  Laughed and talked about those who couldn’t dance and smiled because they tried anyway.  “Exchanging Cards”, that’s what it all boiled down to be, confirming who and what we were while giving real cred. to all we had become.  Years had passed and our lives hadn’t crossed since, but…  Neither of us kept score.  I always had the ability to go stealth while remaining invisible; we both knew it and didn’t dwell on the reasons why the prolonged separation happened.  Actually none of it mattered right about then.  Misery as we all know, loves company and Holiday seems to be wrapped in it.

The waitress appeared, this time it happened to be a he.  Oh yeah and he couldn’t resist with the verbal presentation expressing his desired.  “If yous a biscuit I’d lay you out on a plate and sop ya up with molasses, darlin’ you look that good.”  Based on the last part I wasn’t about smash his dream and for the second time, let another Kluckhead go with a pass.  She did too saying, “Hold up Big Boye, don’t cha see I’m with my man”.  He was in the spirit and politely took our request for refills on our beverages of choice and became invisible himself.

Intoxed” on the emotional high I said to myself, things do go better with Coke and awaited my second glass of Cap Back.  Kluckhead number two returned with just that and we gave ourselves a toast.  Star gazing, lost in transition she and I contemplated what was, what could be and how we might let it come again.  Ahhh yes, this was easily becoming a very very Happy Holiday.

Psssss; Swap out the traditional Merry and slid in the softer version such as Mary if you be “He”.  Flip the sex and “what the heck”, Malik will do in this set.  6 of this half a doz. of that, it’s all good.  The Game, it doesn’t change, merely re-arranges.  Don’t let what is traditional or historical chart One’s course.  When the Ports ‘O Call becomes a factor during the journey, once the destination has been arrived at, it will. Definitely be; like we knew it to be; “All good”.

Happy Holiday


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