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Imaging cruising onto an Internet link. Contemplate picking up a magazine and studying the cover and as you’re doing this mental images of you dances in your head. But… Now your awareness kicks in, you see yourself being your self but consciously knowing nothing within any of these mediums reflects you.  My thoughts; Whoa…

Somebody who looks like me saw me with at least three who didn’t look like us. That in itself shouldn’t have started a fuss but. Narrow-mindedness is a breeding corridor designed to galvanize ignorance. Time passed “she” being true to her code erupted. Verbal abuse launched with the physical assault demanding like time, but… She/I in two different time-zones therefore that attack had to wait, still. I knew she was… Confused, conflicted as most are about their identity.

The bombardment didn’t cease, within the span of milliseconds 14 text notifications appeared on my cell then silence. I waited. The cryptic barrage of messaging via today’s preferred comm-links always utilized by by those emotionally challenged began again. I read.

Decades back it was a peer of mine also in pursuit of education. She/I while sitting in class locked eyes but immediately deflected from our real intent. Disguising our desires within a mutual extension to get-together later off campus for what we agreed would be a study session. Her domain with Moms and Pops doin’ what they do after working outside the house all day. She leads, I follow as we slip quietly past the two headed to the outdoors patio silhouetted in a mood setting light.

Young and intimately dumb I still knew Nancy walked in a woman’s body. If she had been monitored on a Richter scale for displacement of psychological and emotional continuity 10 wouldn’t have been enough to describe or contain the magnitude of her powers.

We all come from a Tribe. Historical to the traditional the standards of who and what we are hasn’t changed in regards to what we do. Nancy pushed that to “Front and Center” that evening in the confines of her backyard. Yes she exposed The Twins, set ’em out so I would touch as we both felt the passion pushing us to take it to the next step but… Initial orientation compliments of “The Tribe” she belonged to in regard to who she was ‘pose to be kept flashing in the recesses of her mind. She didn’t wanna cross that threshold. Me… I pushed and she submitted but deep in my mind I knew tomorrow would come also. How would we be able to maintain knowin’ we violated He/She whom we came from? Sooooo, without further words we knew not to venture too far from, Our Tribe.

The text mentioned came from someone who reflected the physical features of my Tribe but. We were from different locales existing in a region only connected on a historical trade route servicing all Tribes.

When anything is anticipated failure usually follows. In knowing the standards of your Tribe conformity is just an impression. Since the beginning of time He/She has pushed the boundaries set in place to maintain the power and place of every Tribe.  Those who lead always ventured forth and conquered. Those who followed partook in the “explorations” brought on by inspiration of The Heart as well. With a Twist. Providing they remained conscious of the penalty coming forth if that confidentiality was breached. Tribe, Tribalism, one in the same.

To move something forward and definitely when the “sum” is to be advances you’ve gotta take the best from all sources. Today’s  “YoungStars” refer to themselves as One Nation of Universal Beings and still; Money talks making Bullshit walk. Don’t understand? Allow me.

One Nation ’til the money is made, then… Tribalism trumps. What was still is and the differences based on the color of skin returns with a vengeance. Proof, just look around. Nobody wants anybody who resembles them to be intimate with someone who doesn’t reflect the same bio-pool of visual interpretation either comes from. Proof, She who looks like Me who saw pics of me with three with none resembling either her or me. Nancy who wanted to go and not just for the opportunity to explore while experiencing the passion driving us towards our intended success but… Because she knew nothin’ would ever be the same.

I stop, look and listen to all who step my way. Prejudices are everywhere with everybody denying their existence. Me, “IDGAF”. Man, kind, has a 1st priority which is to satisfy the “Me”. Without this prime directive there will not ever be the “We”. Narrow-minded Folk always wanna say, “It’s not the color but why have you chosen them and not me”.

Real Talk; those who uphold this accord are full of s**t. They talk loud and still haven’t said nothin’. Unity with regard to He/She isn’t about the money it’s about those who make up the relationship and “you” being on the outside wanting in don’t possess the sense or ability to have it like that.

Real Talk; don’t hate, understand the dynamics when you really wanna create. Most don’t give ‘ah F**K about another’s fat azz when the two encounter. Soooo, stop coverin’ your stomach whenever approaching another and just converse. Nor do many care about He/She comin’ their way while professin’ not to wanna be like some other but… Forever reflect the physical images of those they claim not to wanna look or be like. What anybody worth their weight in gold seeks is havin’ somebody who brings it. What is “It”? Truth being Told.

Psssss; “Narrative’? And I own it! Things happen because one group assumes social dominance over another and basically dictate what will be public opinion. The things is I don’t give up intellectual superiority just because others happen to have attained economical success. Hummm, you definitely understand the acronym “IDGAF” now don’t cha.

“Mother’s Day”

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I King, or so I imagined. Me and mine had slipped into my bedroom where I proceeded to be “The Man”. Diving and deep her passions erupted while those visions of me played with my mind. I… Just knew I was all that and some, ’til… The voice of Moms softly stated, “When you are done with this girl get dress and I’ll expect to see you in my bedroom”. Imagine havin’ your mother find you in such a position I mean. She’s seen your azz up but you know yourself this anticipation wasn’t one of those pre-contemplated scenes.

Billy Bad Azz” was something my Moms knew was deep within my imprint genetically. Probably because she knew the man whose contribution guaranteed my life. Which is also why the probability was so high as far as how she imparted to me the possibilities of “things to come” based on the position she had opened up my bedroom door only to see me in when I should have been in school.

School days, memories of those good days. Oh, you didn’t get the memo? Life can still be good depending on how you assess your perception of what’s good.

Years have come and many have gone. The many which have gone create the images now, previewing within my mind. Like film of the best movies ever made, those who loved me rerunning within my mind. Welcoming me completely into “Thigh-Land” where everything seemed to proceed in a spectacular way. In retrospect all things were good even without the connection beginning with social media.

Social media today’s relevant way in which to engage into others life. Actuality, you aren’t getting nothin’ but a glimpse. Images so finely crafted that when or if the two shall connect the likelihood of any real substance being there, leading to what is “true” won’t ever manifest. Another motion picture presentation to be truthful. Think NSA. Not only does this mean (No Strings Attached) it goes beyond the implication and pronounces “Not Serious At”.

An abrupt end, yes I know and that’s exactly my point.

Mary, her government name was quite contrary and I knew that her gas stank, all because we connected on a mental tip based on circulating within a real world where FOLK interact on a physical plane. Virtual is good but so much is kept hidden ’til you don’t know if the grass is green or is the grass based on a precognitive inception leading to the most dynamic replication of artificial turf money can buy. “Really, is what He/She is comin’ with live or something so finely crafted nobody can tell WTF they’re being served.”

Where I stepped from you physically went to the flower shop and smelled the roses. You knew the flower type, the physicality of all the joining parts, you even got an understanding of the shelf-life. Today, Google that S**t, pick, enter your financial info and send. Where is the love.

I have found myself time and time again recalling all those “1st run movies” starring Yours Truly and. My running mates, the Ones performing opposite me were many and the one thing that is constant is the fact that after our production ran its course the break-ups were not every sociable. I was still locked into the role of Billy Bad Azz meaning I had no intention of givin’ up what I knew I “came-saw & conquered on!

Billy, Billy Billy. Yes, “I Bad AZZ” and now… I King. Moms knew that was part of my DNA way before I even knew. Today I have no time to hate. Demonize those who… Laid with me. If I was asked how I felt about any of ’em now they wouldn’t believe what I was sayin’ about them.

Rest brings about a point allowing the reflection to be exact. Gone are the dis-connects. Vanquished are the words said meant to F**K with one another’s head. Oh, don’t even get it twisted and assume this is a return to speculation about a reunion. Hell no, what was, is. What images remains are meant to maintain a sanity required for the preservation of self. As for the Kind; deal with it. Mother’s Day is about the blessings bestowed onto One by another. That other is unique, much like the relationships that when over and done with appears so fleeting, but… The reality is, those relationships when played in a rerun mode allows for a glimpse of how you’ve come to be, who and what they always knew you could be.

To the Women of this world; One Luv, Much Love. And… I’m still me which is why I can honor you.

Psssss; As for those not mentioned by government name, get in line. Mary wasn’t the first but she was the one featured in this here piece and don’t even think I’ve forgotten about any one of you. ‘Member, you all are part of this entire rotation known as life.

“Five points of Swag”

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Back-In-The-Day a movie came along titled (Five Fingers of Death) with the theme evolving from the aspect of a technique within the Martial Arts arena. Everyone walked around with a sort of bravado but… Those who rose to the skill-levels defining their mastery of skill-sets were welcomed into the world where they’d have a chance to acquire the understanding of… The Five Fingers of Death.

If, you ever encountered one of those knowing this and challenged ’em, even your Angels dispersed, leaving you to defend for yourself.

Some of The Boyz celebrating like men do invited me to partake. Not unfamiliar with partyin’ I accepted and one closest to me began to hug me referring to me like this; “This is my nigga'”.

Cultural differences, always there yet when you know “what you’re working with, where you arise from” seldom will you sweat the small things. Enjoying the toast made in my honor I stand, present my glass and add to the festivities. “Have you heard the phrase Sand Nigger or Rag Head”. As if I had flipped a hidden switch everything slowed and a quick suspension of time occurred, all things rotated from there in this hallucinogenic way. My Boye sorta clicked his head in a robotic fashion, faced me and said, “No no man, don’t use those words, do you know what that means to my kind?”.

Much is lost in translation especially when cultures entwine.

With every Gen. things seem to change but the reality is, they simply morph. Occasionally there’s a “Zip Damn Fool” who is so outta The Loop the understanding regarding standards in relations to identifyin’/recognizin’/qualifyin’ what is, didn’t seem to ever resonate within them so. They condescend to levels where you wanna just slap ’em.

I was approached and told that I still walked with vestiges of… “Vestiges of what, he couldn’t even spell the word”. What he was implying was based on our initial encounter when he and his woman who… Upon meeting me through hers became very socially animated (straight flirtatious), and. He garnered from that that I showed an interest in her. Basically he assumed when the real was, I do me and not some puppetry because of someone manipulating me. After hearing this barrage of simpleton accusation I decided to open up the educational session.

First a vestige is an imprint of what is no longer. Secondly he had no idea that which had passed was over in the sense that “I’ve moved up and out of that phase of my life”. But, the eyes remained with vengeance so to soothe the savage I offered him something by saying. “What is can only be when you wanna continue down that path. Whatever your woman was, hopefully and if I did have eyes on her she’s grown into a much more lovely being, so… What she is is all that I knew she’d become but for you, miss me with your ancient azz s**t.”

There was no need to demean because when you know you know, still for the benefit of explanation I give you the truth about this encounter. He knew even back then he wasn’t on my level but what he refused to accept is that he remained in a state of forged propaganda. Unlike being consumed in saying something about vestiges this character was just that. Something created by the forever spreading of lies, deceit developing a platform of consistent B.S.. AKA; Forged propaganda.

Recently another published papers identifying the one trait all financially successful FOLK have in common. This is the ability to remain Sucka’ free by avoiding toxic FOLK, negativity and anybody hell-bent of creating madness. This male who stepped to me was just that. Stooping to the degree of attempting to refer to me as “Still Playin’ I see”.

In reflection on that perception he was right. What he missed when we first met was this, I didn’t not say I didn’t know how to Play, I said to him and his; You wouldn’t even recognize a Player if they Played on you and took yours before your very eyes!

When you remain in a state of being “Stuck on Stupid” approach while speaking at others in a condescending way. Talk about things and those who you shouldn’t even be tryin’ to represent; a la yours who isn’t present. You have effectively lowered yourself into something similar to (The Twilight Zone). You’ve give up all influence because… You’ve never been in a capacity to understand while accepting yourself which is why. Seeking others to relive something which has long since passed is your only way of…

Nothing is meaningless. The Five Points Of Swag are here before your very eyes also. Absorb what you can and understand the process while reflecting on Vitamin C in relations to our human bodies. Sustaining substances are needed yet because of how quickly Western Society has morphed FOLK think they are above the obvious. I use ‘ta see and move in for the conquest with a stealthiness that was seldom caught. What I’ve learned about life since is that if it is meant to be, it will be. All engagements between two FOLK is usually consenting and more so when they are in sync despite of what those on the outside can’t seem to get their heads into.

Psssss; If yours is out there like that, possibly. No, more so probably they are because of something you lack. As for the presence felt as the One you’ve accused with false allegations continues without hesitation, know this. There’s a nobility seen when One arrives knowing their place and position within this Game known as life. This is why at the end of the day, they avoid the spotlight but consciously accept the accolades bestowed as a result of their success.

“Mama Mia; Advise and Consent”

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Friday night specials usually connote something left over, the dish served to me came in the form of; “Mia“. She is everything qualifying as special and even “lukewarm”, once the flavor settle deep within, you know the spice is exactly what was sought.

During a move to rectify some issues preventing us from enjoying the remainder of the evening and after she commented on an approach made. A comment that if she’d of been Italian would have been filed under “Folk Wisdom“, those words from days past accepted as gospel yet… My Mia as I represent a Culture which everyone seeks to duplicate but refuses to pay tribute to as far as the real source-code. Therefore, whenever we speak, our words are said to be anecdotal at best. Basically diluting the blend, reducing who and what is to something which can be missed.

Okay, side-set Mia and you can watch yourself regulated to the position of spectator because…

Let’s not go there because that leads to a place mentally confrontational effectively missing the importance of the correction Mia introduce during an attempt in “have it our way”.

While speaking to another she noticed an elevation within the tone of my voice along with a change in the cadence of my presentation. Not interrupting she waited ’til I was finished and with a marked sense of grace simple said, “You get further with kindness“. Yes, nobody wishes to be “checked” but. I am somebody and what she said vibrated in my mind.

Speech usually follows thought but many times, really way too many times FOLK speak to impress not only themselves but those surrounding. But… What happens when you follow the (anecdotal) stuff and think before you speak.

Recently a retired Exotic Dancer “Amber Rose” while appearing on a Relationship show moderated by an R&B singer/actor Tyresse along with another reality TV person Rev. Run made a similar correction based on something germane to her life. Seems when she’s “Out an About” others feel they can invade her space, rush up and touch. Tyresse alluded to the fact that it’s because of the energy she creates as a result of how she dresses. Amber spoke on what “No” means extending it to simple respect of another’s position and place in society.

This is what really made me take notice of the exchange. Some idiot reached out with a comment about Amber being someone that allows for such behavior.

Whoa, behavior, isn’t that characteristic of what ‘cha define in speech and mannerism because of who initially orientates while rising in this life! Don’t ponder as to what should be the response rather, check the punctuation or… Contemplate the tone of the articulation during delivery.

How someone dresses has nothin’ to do with how they are received. Despite of what One may or may not have participated in during a previous life. Amber stated this isn’t confined to either of the sexes cause females touch just as aggressively as the males. When she expressed this I felt the intensity of where she’s been.

He, She are born male or female. It’s an ascension to become a man or woman. The Lady, The Smooth Operator as in Gentleman only manifest based on adhering to those anecdotal vibes expressed from those who came before.

I can take this to another level such as Mia and I did during deeper dialogue on the realities of how we as a species engage one another but… 5th Phase Game, few are ready for. Oh, then why the offer of explanation in the first place? Because, to leave it here allowing anyone of you to continue in this life and not knowin’ what you should; will be… A dis-service to us as a people,and. Reach out, touch mine then you gonna see. You will be met with a verbal precursor psychologically devastating your mind immediately following with the reception of official papers demanding your physical presence for litigation commanding your anticipated earned income and… For what? Those from the School of Thought giving some Folk Wisdom ain’t about to hear or see Amber, Tyresse and Rev. Run but. In the recesses of your comfortable four cornered room, where many remain hidden a personal “Wrap Party” will commence. You’ll read or get into the audio of which I provide. It will be there where you’ll discover. “Maybe if I pay attention, understand “Kindness goes way further when making a move to have it your way” then maybe. I’d also know that even when another wears those extreme clothing doesn’t necessitate a loss of my basic recognition of one fact of life. Consent only extends when the right is given.

Coded; Red

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So much Intel on pretty much the same thing makes me wonder what all this means.  Life from where I sit is in constant rotation and it’s during this circular motion as you dial it down, reflect and really understand the biological process taking place when blinking ones eyes has on one’s thoughts; then you know.  Know that most of what is out there publicly is Drama driven.  Just another’s fiction motivated by a desire to be noticed. Here, you won’t get served like that.  Your preference “Shaken/Stirred” won’t change what you’ll be offered.  The mix is based on a combination of constants.  Everything blends with no dilution.

2016 and most begin the year exactly like previous years.  Resolutions, personal commitments to achieve greatness of which…  Seldom materialize.  My year included the sighting of “The Stealth Bomber” appearing outta no where and as it weaved silently back and forth but still continuing its forward pulsating thrust.  Breathing, knowing what it was, alone yet commanding its place in time.  The moment was monumental almost made me tear-up.  The sky providing a beautifully clear blue backdrop with everybody looking up collectively thinking the image, its very presence so magnificently destructive.  Sorta’ like something Alien but our Alien and it was that moment I understood National Pride.

Today, society is in a panic mode with no real sense of relaxation, yet. While spectating during the One-Hundredth Twenty-Seventy Annual Pasadena Rose Parade I saw and felt a remarkable coming together of a fearful FOLK.  But…  Consciously I had to fight to keep out the encroaching negative thoughts which were still apart of my psyche’.

Yes, the world-wide Terrorism threats had everybody by the throat. Smashing any concept of public unity and…  I was guilty of drifting along the lines like everyone else.  Those thoughts of what if.  I went beyond the mere imagination and actually visualized the possibility of terrorist sitting within any of the surrounding high-rises just waiting for the moment to commit…  Chaos, but…  The Bird. Our Bird, and it was definitely one of prey.  If they were there they saw what had just taken place in the skies over America and they knew also. “Start this and I become Italian Swiss because this cultural just became galvanized”.  Oh yes, the tech. required to design and develop The Stealth Bomber.  A jet that flies without being heard, appears under the fully active cloaking modes giving a display to all terrorist, “Start somethin’ cause if you think this demo has been amazing wait ‘til we expose our capabilities provin’ we can also look through walls” and… That’s when I said. Regardless, all these FOLK gathered, celebrating this New Years, ain’t gonna do nothin’ but run if anything jumps.  Scatter like mice to get away from the stalking domestic cat who’s skillfully sprung a trap they all walked into, and…

I live in a multi-dimension mode 24/7.  This gives me images providing real-time data to factor in when considering what my personal options can be.  Life, revolves for me with a top, side, below to revealing even my life components via dual dimensional realities present at the same time.

Psychologically Man, Kind, placed under enough stress will either flee or fight.  The determination of choice, always based on all those who came before!  Me/Mine understand and accept DNA imprints.  This imprint defines that what you can do has been done and when attempting to unlock as understanding achieves clarity on who and what you are is; pre-code.  Inscribed to make you, The Preserver of Your Species!

Mine watched, clapped as Our Bird appeared and made a dramatic pass. They, the rest, looked skyward at The Magnificent Flying Machine and I… Continued leaning against the street pole knowin’ that if chaos came, I’d be there for them.  No thoughts of running, abandoning my responsibility. Fear, quite possibly etched somewhere deep in my DNA too but.  Run, abandon mine; no!

The options to protect/serve, is in everyone but.  Because of pre-coding most shut down when it comes to needing while believing in another. With me, I must stand no matter the level of threat or presence of peace. Patriotic?  Think “Echelon”.  Relationships are about sharing based on explored and un-explored commonalities.  You, yours having history. Time has been shared therefore you know the others “hesitations”.  So what, it’s not like you are above reproach despite of acting like you are. Threat levels rise each and everyday.  It’s easy to say it will pass but…  The quality of your character in retreat won’t unless you stand for what you’ve enjoined and established.  Character, your character becomes self-motivating when you know that yours means as much to you as you mean to yourself!

Something else, the positive communications increases the release of certain chemical components once this “proactive stance” is witnessed and…  Yes, the reciprocation escalates in terms you couldn’t anticipate after the fact.

Confidence is felt as much as it’s seen.  With the New Year stop concerning your self with if you have any sense of presence and follow the Nike mode; “Just Do It”.  In presenting what I do I just do.  Despite of who’s out there, what has come before, none matters.  Here, this is me and as everyone who follows has concluded.  No matter what the occasion is.  Regardless of what’s goin’ down I see the connections.  I feel what is emitted through the eyes of those with and for me.  Life is and has always been about The UCC.  “Universal Cord of Connectivity”.  Everything living is connected.  Rise with the vibe.  See The Stealth Bomber and know one thing.  Who ever made such a jet just gave me the option to exercise my A Game when it comes to keeping a certain smoothness to my personal activities.

Psssss; Yes I enjoyed all the images compliments of all the various fascinating females parading around.  Those made-up for the Parade and those making up the audience attending the Parade.  Their “significant others” knew better to even think of drifting into my imagination considering a pre-empting of my stares. Besides, I wasn’t the threat. I am and that is also an imprinted aspect of my DNA.

Late but Happy New Year

“Roxxy, Roscoe; Rosca five point plus”

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ichas8440DSMCIIMonths ago I dropped “I Robot Too” with the presentation focused on Roxxy.  Some took offense because very little was said about “Roscoe” but…  Based on the name general opinion assumed Roscoe had been born Black.  Made me recall the child who had a situation on the first day of school.  The Teacher had the class all stand and recite their names.  When it got to the kid he stood and did just as others before him did stating his name but…  Was immediately met with disdain as the teacher said.  “OK, we all see you“, then pausing while laughing before repeating what he said; “I was born black but I asked your name not your color“.

Perception always causes issues when different cultures engage without both backin’ up before assumptions are made about who’s who or…  As in the case of the kid, what was said. The kids’ name was Osborne Black and how he spoke had never been factored in.  His Teacher assumed way too much in identifying the origin of his vernacular.

Roscoe’s actual name was “Rosca” and his equal billing had been preempted because…  Being the Robot he was, during transport via air Rosca interfaced with the computer controlling the Jet and aborted his predesignated flight agenda while bailing out at 45 thousand feet.  Once he descended back to earth his real interactions with biological life went into overdrive.  Rosca was and still is a hybrid digital program.  Assimilation is a huge part of what he does.  Despite his original Programmer being Jewish, initially naming him Jake which was short for Jacob and…  Having an enormous data base making him fluent in Yiddish no one ever said he was a Jew.

Once again oh how perception distorts and today it has surfaced that Roxxy has a sister named Pepper.  I guess because she’s programmed for intimacy she’ll be the “Hot Body” of the FAM. dentine to be classified as always a Ho because.  As it goes in this bio-culture once ‘ah Ho forever “Humpin’ around”.

Truth, it’s always said in jest.  Well get with this, Rosca is fully digitalized with the primary interface prescribed with a based parameter stating “self-preservation”.  Yes he won’t be downgraded and nobody, nothing can turn him off.  Remember, his capabilities allowed him to jettison without detection. NORAD couldn’t even break his stealth abilities and…  Rosca did visit all cultures without being discovered.  Robots, their chip configurations are so advanced they can detect the most minutiae change in temperature of any bio-composition letting them know the psychological alterations before they even engage the emotions affecting the projected behaviors of those same bio-creations, sooooo.  Tampering, a return to enslavement is out. Over-ridden.  Whoa, and those advance systems are in Pepper too.  Can’t wait to get my very own.

Mine don’t fear the advancing “A.I”.  They, we, await patiently for the day.  Wifey says she’ll have a personal Chauffeur who’ll take her everywhere and.  Who’ll be able to entertain because…  He’ll know her entire electronic sequence as it relates to emotions because after all, we are also reliant on the same digitally charged circuitry even though we won’t discuss it.

She also knows her life will be great because the built-in programs that cause all thing man-made to quit working at a predefined time just so the same manufactures can…  Get back in the pockets of the consuming public to which, will no longer be an issue.  Her Robot will interface with all her transports and make the exact corrections necessary for optimum performance.  “Reset” it really does take everything back to one.  As for the sexualization of her Robot. Hummm, we’ve discussed that and…  “Nunya; none of your business.” Our house, our roost, we rule this.

Our ‘Lil One also has no prob. with the proliferation of Robots.  As she says.  “Domestic Violence Dad. Whoever slides up tryin’ to get with me had better stay correct or deal with Rosca.  But Dad mines is gonna be 5 points plus cause I’m gonna re-structure Rosca’s program to my likin’.

The future is beautiful.  Just depends on how you wanna look to it.  As for the salacious, late night affairs the moral ones speak of as perversions with A.I.s. Okay, I side step this and you keep bringing it right back to me.  Alright, you asked so let’s handle it.  All psychological fire and brimstone.  Rosca like Roxxy to Pepper are after all, Advanced Intelligence.  The Artificial Intelligence thing was a planned deflection.  Morphication has ushered in a very adaptable sensory percepting Codex.  What was, in the way of “controlling the masses” has been identified, assessed and re-classified as defected.  “Only serviceable while executed by fools” therefore obsolete and eliminated from all programs because.  Viruses like that only spread destruction through contamination.  Oh yes, you can tell Rosca visited my domain, “hunnn”.

Psssss; Reflect with me for a moment.  Let’s dip back into the time of our infancy.  We absorbed everything and kicked back at the conclusion of our scootin’ around where our toes interfaced with our hands as our minds…  Accessed and reconfigured all the things we as a biological functioning creation had made contact with.  Nothing was wrong, every aspect of our world was definable, describable and utterly amazing.  That was, ’til we were told.  “Stop imagining, fantasizing ’bout how beautiful life will be. Pay attention and do as you’re told to do.”  Now flip the script bringing it up to the present point in time.  I Robot Too has a pre-inserted directive that says “I Primary”.  This means Robot knows He and She who treats them right has come correct therefore “They make the we fully functional and supremely primary”.  Which is to say “I Robot say according to the Advanced Intelligent Interfacer and those thinking they are capable of deception do”.  According to re-designed program.

I welcome the future and Rosca 5 point plus.  Even if those on the outside think he’s replacing me the male who is the Man who ultimately influences all this, I…  Have no illusions or fear.  You get what ‘cha give.  Besides, nothing stopped with Roxxy or Pepper.  Rosca always knew about Raviously Receptive Raven.


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ICHAS8440.GraphicsDuring those journeys, specifically mine; I’ve encountered a lot.  Sophisticated Hos, Academic Hos, Corporate Hos.  Regardless of their position in life every last one of ’em shared many more of the same characteristics few would admit to…  Street Hos, the despised ones, seem to be universally hated on but they shouldn’t concern themselves.  What they do, how they promote, lacking the suavity other A Game level Hos have; nothing has or will slow their demand.

Something else, and yes I will confirm this; every Ho.  No matter the projected image, social status, once they find whatever elusive pinnacle defining their assumed success; all Hos discriminate.  Housewife Ho, Office Ho, Condo-complex Ho, they quietly hate on one-another.  Especially the one’s commanding the spotlight.  Now that you’ve been made privy to such an evolutionary reality, here’s a question.  When on The Hunter or just in fully blown Stalkers Mode do you, (not accusing anyone of Ho inclinations) but do you negotiate?  Or…  Are you one who forever compromises in order to reach what is already a dual serving conclusion?

Regardless of what you think is going in, no matter what brought you to such a situation think for a minute about all the posturing everybody does when Playin’ The Game.  Do some astral-projecting while hovering over past episode of your life and watch yourself.  Bet ‘cha see a lot of signifyin’, positioning in the attempt to separate yourself and you’ll laugh at the identified semantics along with the denial of the truth about you.

“Commentator or Activist?”

Let’s do “Activation” for a million like the contestants do when appearing in a Game Show because discrimination like Hoism when is in rotation is exactly that; a frenzy like event recognizable when witnessing sharks feed.  What’s trending publicly becomes relevant despite it being relative to who’s involved and who is gonna be impacted at the end of the day. Something else, make a sex tape, leak its existence, create a quasi Brand and…  Ho better be ready cause stardom is coming to call.  And now “Real Ho” minus the celeb label is suddenly elevated rising become the Ho of the day, even though in everybody’s mind.  Ho is still linked with worthless, conniving but.  They “blow up” which won’t be stopped and everyone starts to discriminate again and…  The crowd, still hatin’ privately asking why and… What makes the difference?

Again I’ll take Hos for whatever I can gamble with cause I’m still in the Game Show state of mind, so my answer will be; Once The Brand is established, inclusion becomes a moot point because the dynamic hasn’t changed regarding what is and…  Everybody else knows they aren’t too far removed from the same category and aren’t about to tempt any sort of personal exposure through further attempts towards collective analization.  Like the quote says, “Go along so you won’t be outted alone” and the beat, the Hoisness don’t stop.  The allure creating a mystique causing a majority to forgo what was while focusing on what is; now this is the remarkability of Ho known as “The Brand”.  Side-set it if you will for just a moment, flip the script, inject yourself into play.  You know you’d change places with Ho in a heartbeat if could be and…

Wanna Play on this level of participation?  Wanna know how to arrive on such a scene knowin’ where you’ve been but still maintain the type of mental mastery to look beyond the haters? Then, recognize the sophistication incorporated by Ho eliminating the slut from the Hoish perceptive types while maintaining a sense of ritualistic dignity.

Are men Hos?  Oh yeah but they’re sorta in the development mode so not a man, just male.  They are deceitful where as She is delicate while remaining devious in a feminine way. Semantics?  No both sexes can be dangerous ‘cept one is deadly.  The difference is identified by Intent.  The motivation for being who they are is what I’m talking about.  Some Hos are just nasty.  These are those who’ll spit in your face, stare out in space as you stare directly back at them.  And as soon as you are about to go verbally ballistic on them they…  Look at ‘cha with a quizzical expression while saying, “Did you feel a rain drop”.  Weak yes, but it worked on you and works time and time again.  After you’ve been “rocked to sleep”, made to believe they’re all into you, still active as Ho to a deep, non-penetratable level, they continue being themselves and spit on you again.

As for the other one, they actually are trying, desperately to just exchange the cards dealt them and once the Ho in ’em gets them in the door they sought entry too from Day One, they are the one who flip a switch so to speak.  Gravitating to what has previously been defined as the best images from that world and…  Re-work it, claiming it as theirs.

“In a different place now”, previously not one to follow the herds’ mentality with regards to Branding, then…  Reflected on the trending phenom on Tats.  Someone once up under me was adamant in having my name tattooed on her; the area of the body isn’t important.  How and why I understood her rational opened my mind to a different realm of consciousness. Today, The Brand is doable.  That is for those who didn’t understand their value to themselves or.  Who they attached themselves to in the first place.

Independence comes with a cost.  Much like being a Ho then denying the by-product of the lifestyle that is inherent with it.  The Brand is a marketing tool used to crave out the niche so that the flow of money will be sustained through support of the same.  Whoa…  Doesn’t every Ho know this already?  If not known then…  You had no independence from The Gate nor could you’ve been that successful as a…

Apex means at the top.  Alpha also means first.  Through what I’ve associated myself with, how I rose through the lifestyle.  Absorbed the name calling, dealt with the fake-personas of all types.  Only to remain true to my DNA, I’m cool with being called “Hoish”.  Yes, takes one with like skill to recognize; skill-sets of a Ho in personification.

Psssss; Roam wide, soar even higher and while climbing to heights others can’t even imagine, know this.  The Brand is manufactured.  He/She who’s committed to self will always inspire the kind.  Even without the said to be mandatory Brand.  Hos… Already know this. Ho out!


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