“Baby Fat”

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ICHAS8440.Graphics.BabyFat.2018 (1)Blip Blam”.  The extension, “Thank U Mam”.  Code for “Im ‘ah hit that and BF U even know, Im gone”. Origin, “Hood, Ghetto” you call it, nothing is going to stall it.  The term, its application can be viewed along quaint cobblestoned Streets, Avenues.  Accenting any urban environment and yes.  You too can now consider yourself bi-lingual because you know another language.

I’ve even witnessed the behavior identified through this term expressed along the expansive corrals dotting the hills.  Secluded valleys making up the upscale area of Calabasas.

The relevance; “Mine” just dropped some weight on me. Seems she’s recognizing the Ferrari’s which previously sped pass as we strolled along with the Drivers only slowing to navigate through the roads’ curves.  Now…  Many of ‘em brake hard, then downshift just to do a quick peek.  “The Peek”…  Oh, to confirm she isn’t a mirage.

Why?  Because of the reduction in pounds she once carried but now she’s starting to show.  Yes, attitudes indicative of what has spawned this Universal demand for outstanding Specs. on physical beauty, a la Euro-centric standards.

Am I feelin’ this?  Better to ask am I concerned and my answer will be…

Regardless of my personal Vibe and the general consensus inclusive of hers tryin’ to make me believe I’m ‘ah bit behind the times, of which again; I really can give a ‘uck. With me there are Constants.  When I hear “It isn’t like how it was when you grew up” I wanna “Tag & Bag” based on the rhetorical but everything which comes affords something which to learn.  My reply; “I’ve never left the Arena in a conscious sense therefore, time to be “Laced”.

Laced, another term you really must get up on and there is a simplicity.  Check the Source Code.  Laced means to tighten, sooooo.  Right, she immediately senses the importance of knowin’ what goes around will eventually come around, hence.  What I did when comin’ up will in many ways be the same for the YoungStar rising today. Especially when the Trigger, those elements converging setting things off happens to be biological.

Life in the Relationship Scenario begins from the point of Sight.  Other Senses, secondary. Advancing the fantasies forever expanding within developing minds.  These conceptualization always act upon the magnificent realities that you the individual, regardless of who said or did what, will.  Superimpose onto the other’s shaky realities.

Reality as we all know are based on perceptions and with most, that’s all they have.  An indication of what can be with the balance coming after they’ve found out how it actually is.  This is to say, Mine will not wake in a foreign locale, panties somewhere in a room she vaguely remembers.  Minus whoever she thought had accompanied her there under the guise of all things consensual.

Going back to how One sees another they usually don’t know anything other than what they’ve acquired from that initial physical impression.  This is why you’ve gotta know why you feel all tingly when you do set eyes on someone.  I made mention of this all being biological and that’s where and how the attraction starts and where many go wrong is thinking it isn’t so. Always convincing themselves as being superior, and.  They push.  Going beyond such basic thoughts concluding these feeling will somehow evaporate.  My thing…  Break down the connecting factors so that she will know the full rotation of the Causes creating the debilitating Affects.

Affects and Effects are completely two different manifestations.  In the sense I’m conveying the focal point is Emotions.  Miss what has activated yours and you will enter the World were “Blip Blam Thank U Mam” will run rampant.  Oooh and don’t think you’re so “woke” you will see the signs before they are revealed.  I’ve said once which means I’ve said it many times, “you won’t see until you want to see”.  Therefore, even when you are in your professional element as another marks you to be “slayed” you had better recognize they have no true intention of harming you.  It’s just a case of them serving themselves and you being selected as the main intimate course.  No harm, No foul, because.  Recall, you are really sharp.  Saying, “I don’t feel any intimidation so they can’t possibly want to hurt me”.

Hurt like Pain is relative.  Nobody intends to bring pain providing.  You participate and follow the course.  The hurt comes after you get involved then wanna scream, “Hey, I didn’t know you meant that”.  This is why its best to know the thought processing patterns leading to the meaning of the Vocab that has seemingly seeped into you.

Lambos, ‘Raris, all gone and we’ve taken up position at one of those Sidewalk Cafe’s. Here I even see another “She”, who’s shielded herself back in the shadows cuttin’ up Mine like a prime cut. I can’t…  No I won’t get in my feelin’s even though I know to infiltrate another’s mind you first have to confuse’ em as to who they are.  Which is to say; Same sex can be fabulous friends and despite many pushin’ it to those zones defining Love Twins…

Hooold up”

Imagine the mental reconfig. taking place within the neural structure.  Oh, the Medical community is now sayin’ you can be born with a preference towards same Sex.  Tell me something I didn’t know.  This doesn’t change what has internationally been set forth within those posturing as Mammalians.

Didn’t think I’d go there…

Ok, you see I did so let’s really open this up.  He/She, Fake Azz Wanna Be’s, from the emotional to the physical can intimately satisfy.  The psychological extraction is the cost which must be considered.  No matter what Tribe you step from, Historically this imprint has not been accepted totally.  Acknowledge is not acceptance.  And yes, the choice will be theirs.  Still and all, choices are said to be on the individual but.  Real Talk… Influences are no longer equal. Everybody is locked into, Control.

ICHAS8440.Graphics.BabyFat.2018 (2)

Psssss; And now comes the noise.  Am I worried!  Do you think I’ve posed this as a question.  Again, pay attention the the context before you tell me about the intent of my content.  Much like I’m bringin’ up Mine, I thought I would “Breathe” on you too.



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Deja Vu, identified isolated and explained.

First, allow for the pointing out of the source; the Science Community”.

Now let’s push on.

When the Brain encounters anything it blinks. Within that micro-milli-second everything from frontal, peripherals, Side-angles, whatever is hiding in the shadows to those soft whispers barely heard it all has been captured and recorded. From there the magical mystery begins with two exact copies printed and super-imposed with one going to the temporary memory modules and. The other shifted up to the long term memory. Then as the eyes open from the micro-milli-second time lapse you get an immediate sense of “I’ve been here before”.

The Blink.

Sportin’ type FOLK know about the Blink and it’s a precursor taking a situation from a hint of things to come to the reality that something is completely beyond where another has or had been. In those serious negotiations the Blink indicates a high probability of “I’ve got ‘cha”. My SkillSets, and if you’ve been with me you know I know the Blink will be met with “Really”. Always conveyed directly despite the method or means of delivery and as an expression signifying B.S. is definitely in The House.


Change all the time and when “Papered-up”… Money talks and whatever was becomes, nevermore. Same holds true no matter the nature of the Professional, if you wanna be born an American but everybody knows your Birth Certificate proves status as that from a migratory country the “B.C.” is not challenged just completely ignored with those who thought they knew of it soon follow suit because. Paper equates to Supreme Power.

Science scans over the probability of Multi-Dimensional Universes where you, me, also may have an existence. No physical contact to support this has ever been presented or sustained between any of those entities, but. Me… I’m more of a Romantic and lean towards anything supporting dramatic content. This approach, possibly extreme but extends while giving a fuller dimensional satisfaction.

Being ‘Woke” I’m also up on Astral Projections. Not aware? Don’t trip. It’s a process which occurs during sleep. Sometimes even in a rest or meditative mode. Your mind leaves the body and travels with no restriction based on physical borders. The experiences, exposures are unbelievable and. Remarkably recollective. Science… Seldom speaks of such a functionality of the mind and probable because of a lack of understanding of the capability of consciousness during DreamState. Science is about physical so. Areas assumed imaginable don’t hold any value, case closed! Me… Again, more of an Eclectic during thought. Always sensing the theatrical that most come with even when they won’t admit it, I say, take charge. Accept your calling and be that Star. Direct yourself in your very own production.

Cinematic Theme; Noir. And not because of the elements being inclusive of criminal continuity based on the format. No, but just as a result of the simplicity provided. Noir is subtle. Use of shadows draws the attention to a central focus making you see it or you won’t. There is no in-betweens.

Ok… 4 your intellectual satisfaction, let’s go there.”

Too much of any ‘thang will dull your senses, just as Jill who once upon a time went up the hill with Jack. He didn’t fall down but. It was a case of Jill raisin’ up off Jack’s lap because “Foolio” acted like he was on some other track, refusing to acknowledge what she offered.

Stupidity will infiltrate every time and when it does, actin’ like you just don’t get it only causes you to be stepped over. Abandoned on the side and all because you wanna pretend as if you ain’t knowin’ what’s really goin’ on.

FOLK are being displaced while others are talkin’ about wanting to help and even seeking help from political types but when help is assembled, suddenly. The type of help cannot be dispersed within the boundaries making up the domain defining the habitat requiring such help. And still. The alleged most liberal Country in the world turns a blind eye to the full blown discriminatory agenda of their so called “Supreme Leader”, who. Incidentally bags and bashes females for personal stimuli on the Reg, while continuing to disenfranchise all.


Works well no matter the cultural because, that’s who FOLK are.

Now back to these Mutha’ F**kin’ Scientist who wanna tell me Deja Vu is a

Brain Fart.

My Momma use ‘ta say it is incorrect to use the word fart. The expression should be “Expel gas” because that’s a natural bodily function. Alright, Momma was preparing hers to be acceptable in this life and this was before this wanna be Sell Out got it in his head that he was gonna take his hatred of self out on me. Moms, witnessing his delight in whoopin’ my Azz using the guise of discipline under the Authority of Education knew better. She had been raised and educated by those who had her best interest fully in mind.

Politely she snatched the Pass the Highly Light almost White Blackman thought he had and let him know in not so kind words; “Put another hand on mines and you’ll see his Father”. ‘Ol Boy heard her, paused in disbelief but. Stopped. Moms taught me one thing that day and I’ve held on to it since.

Expel Gas around me after pretending to be this highly educated One and move to incorporate the word “Fart” believing it will desensitize me making the Bull Shit served taste like a perfectly cook Filet Mignon extracted from a side of Wagyu. “Really”… All I’m gonna do is look at you and say, “Kobe or Wagyu, which is it”. And as they form their mouth to say something else they will probably miss that I’m about to do to them what they so anxiously were gonna do to me. Yes, I know who I am and where I come from which is to say… If you can’t prove something let that shit go because it don’t mean it isn’t so.

Psssss; This is not confusing nor is it something “You” can’t get behind. Y’all get behind the misappropriation of your world and don’t even question the falsification of Self and Kind in the immediacy of so called social development, sooooo. Don’t misconstrue this. You feel me! Some are way more up on what is than you are about what isn’t. Twist it if you will but when you come for mine. Even if mine happens to be the female of the persuasion don’t think she is just gonna lay down and let you serve her because you’ve attempted to marginalize me! Oooh yeah you feel this.


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Heat, bring it and despite the substance brushed up against the composition; will change.  Turned it up, further the discovery. Toxins began to snap, crackle and pop as they go up in smoke.  What’s left is a liquefied jewel.

Same process takes place metaphorically when I hear FOLK run off at the mouth, screamin’ about what must be but when they are placed back onto the stage of which they loudly demand change, unlike the other process I used for my intro.  Even when all settles down and Relaxed-Mode is the move as you…  Readjust. Inhale deeply, listening to your heart beat. Thinking about what should now be in essence, a purity. Clarity still hasn’t returned.

Noise, can’t help but hear it. Clear out all your receptors and based on what has been said, a power-based must have supposedly been destroyed, but…  For me, like a climax considered but just before the real set in and you know at that instance, it’s not even worth it, then.  I yawn.

Colonist”, (Brought back into being thanks to the mystical Country and the inhabitants of Wakanda), and they look at me as these words erupt from their lips, “Such arrogance”.

Arrogance; Ok, like the Contestant on a a Game Show I’ll take it for 5 large, define it’s meaning and privately know I’ve smashed all those who incidentally are…  Standing opposed.

A word which means an offending display of superiority the likes of which nobody else matters.  Now I can really do like the magnificent musician Louis aka Satchmo said, “Think to Myself”, “You don’t even know me.”

Good God Good God.  Good God.

And I…  Continue to pull back the layers.  Something when done with a delicacy reveals things of a historic proportion cause when this happens you’d better have, and understand the full impact of “F-U Points”.  Yes because the devastation of the fallout will separate Loved Ones.

Our beliefs, who we are in relations to what we stand for are all associated but through representation can be as conflicting as figuring out what is meant when you hear, “I got love for you but I don’t like you”.  To hear this and think about it even for a moment you immediate go into justification and say, “Ok, I’m loved but you don’t like me, ok I understand”.  But, this acceptance hasn’t and won’t make you feel any better in the place you are.

Mira”, yes.  Mines speaks Spanish and when I’m not paying attention and just don’t seem to be gettin’ it she comes with this word.  It means look. So now, you look at what I’m sayin’ but visualize it.

When anyone comes and says they love you but don’t like you it is a statement tellin’ you a process has began.  As said, before the Fire you will witness a Spark.  This indicates the Heat is ‘bout to come.  Either recognize, get with the program or it’s on you when you miss the combustion.

Right about now there’s a power-play taking place amongst the opposite sexes.  Pushback because some have felt that they’ve been treated unfavorably. Sexualized, Marginalized and tossed about like a Pushme Tu Tu.  This “PB” lit in The Entertainment Industry, everybody’s measuring stick and boiled over during the recent Oscars.  Visuals in the way of “accentuating what is sex”, all on display by the feminine persuasion.  I watch just as the connected World did.  Mine sat right with me and although she saw and felt the vibe she didn’t skip a beat.  She hasn’t nor will she ascribe to the loss of anything because.  She made it known from the beginning.  “You got money, I got money.  What’s you’re is mine and what’s mine will…”   She paused on that but.  The intensity of where she was comin’ from, I felt.

Life, it is much like a box of Chocolates.  Pick correctly and the explosion of satisfying flavors will take you to a place you’ve only thought could be possible in a dream.

Dreams.  Hummm.  Mine are manifestation of what tomorrow will be about.  Maybe that why I’ve always known the process of subjugation has no place where equality is sought.

Fire, an altering element.  Purges all the impurities and what will remain is solid Gold.

Psssss; At the end of the day, there’s no Strangers In My House.  F-U Points are equally distributed.  Compromise is to concede and give something up.  Collaboration is to know what ‘cha went in it for from The Gate while understanding those perimeters.  To dress appropriately is also knowin’ the difference as in exposing too much as opposed to appearing in something suggesting a hint of provocation.  You see, despite of what One says, who One projects to being.  Well, the Ingreds. going in determine how the end presentation will stand up.  Now don’t Get it Twisted, I like you prefer the Tease, still.  The flip side is knowin’ how to Please.  “Oooh, watch it watch it.  When you bent over you was ‘bout to bust a seam and if you do that and I happen to get caught lookin’. You might find a reason to ostracize!”

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#MeToo/A Totally Different Perspective

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ICHAS8440.Graphics.#MeToo.2018 (2)

Yes, the title says it all, or… So you’d think.

This position was psychological from the very inception but if there’s going to be any hijacking, those seeking attention are gonna find a way to get “that” attention. The solidarity this unification was ‘pose to have galvanized has morphed.  Females are now, aligning themselves against Males in an attempt to seize some power.

Much to others dismay the ripple effect has been all polarizing in a dis-associative sense but.  I will not succumb to the DRAMA circulating and because of this allow me as I speak to the essence brought forth by; “I Queen”.

So much chit-chat and because of it much has been left outta “The Loop” on this seemingly invisible quest to be recognized.  In full acceptance of what “I Queen” pronounces, please allow me.

I Queen simply means “She who knows her worth” and.  There is an extensive undercurrent which comes with One who’s confident, capable and “woke” when she of such nature brings “The Heat”.

Back In The Day” and preceding the phenom created by #MeToo I spoke on “Work Place Romances” while pointing out some particulars that were.  From my point of perception beyond what most wanted to hear.  Same can be said with regard to the division #MeToo has spawned when considering He/She.  So much so that right now the word is that the majority of CEO’s, Executives etc etc.  Out there in the world don’t feel any comfort when having to assess and work in close quarter where a female is involved.

Real Talk, if this is the case the subject matter needs to be highlighted and defined. There’s a huge difference between a Man and a Male.  Man will not fear nor loath any woman as this is One who comes baring much with an enormous upside.  Males on the other hand knows fear is forthcoming simply because deep in the recessives of their mind they’ve already contemplated how to; “Make that move”.  And yes, there’s a reason for this shallowness in thoughts and actions.

It’s not that She has been reduced to an “Object Of Carnal Desire” but He was not ever “That One” nor of “The Ones” to rise to the levels where Man actually reigns.  Man is way more than somebody who can reproduce on a biological level and man is also the product of everything touching his life.  In order to understand and maintain such an ascension He has to have explored while experiencing much.  After and immediate after submersion He has to take those encounters and “Pulled The Layers Back” in the presence of another…  Man, who.  Will assist while directing said man on the positive positions for his continuing pro-active journey.  This is; Man.

The mere thought of “Slay and Lay” when He/She come together for whatever purpose is primal therefore publicly denounced from any sorta conscious connection but still this is not something to flick away, discount as not being of any consequence.  She…  Also being a product of the same environment thinks and feels the same thing but when She is attempting to engage.  Stake her claim in this here life, She is desperately tryin’ to make things right and…  There’s a time and place for everything but when she is seeking inclusion to secure footing in support of her overall foundation why should She have to be subjected to such. B.S.

I’ll tell you why.  Because those who Slay/Lay where broke long before they encountered Her.  What She is experiencing is the residuals of a Weak Azz male and herein lays the switch so from this point out, He/She has gotta be wiser.  Cease and Desist with the verbal accord ushering in that fake azz phrase, “Before we start let’s agree to disagree while maintaining our position that there will be disagreements”.  What was isn’t gonna change overnight and what is.  Pretty-much will continue being as is even when the dynamic is seemingly altering.  Until it is, forcing something only proves that little has been learned.

Let me tell you something; 1, where women go males and money soon follow.  This is not to say He is targeting in an attempt to buy her.  This is just a common denominator when realistically factoring in life as it blossoms.  2, with this being the case She needs to recognize while understanding how much He is truly reliant upon…  Her!

As for the third and supporting part of this equation don’t.  Let me say again, don’t sleep on this. 3…  Men with a real sense of Power will not pounce upon She who brings Him joy.  He will educate and stand back and enjoy her ascension and if not for the mere position of personal participation then because of this.

When One is oppressed but has sat around the table and inhaled Power, sampled the many treasures Power bring and.  Now recognizes Power along with having a true understanding of same.  She isn’t compromising with you on a dam thang’.  She will take!

Psssss; Gleam what’ cha may.  I am not One who is above the objectifying cause most have done it.  I am about risin’ to the occasion while learning from the mistakes made.


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“R U married? Husband or S.O. as in Significant Other.” Questions presented and if hesitant in responding the probability of working on The Crew I’ve assembled would have been reduced, status reflecting slim to none. 

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“Do Fries go With That Shake”

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Get with this. In awareness of the dis-associative characteristics seen and heard while attempting to engage the Damage Control whenever Sexual Harassment rears its ugly heard. And yes, He/She, they both have heads, you’ve just gotta determine which of the two is leading off.”

DoFriesGoWithThatShake (3)

Validation, everybody seeks; validation. Possibly beginning when the “YoungStar”, having that desire for Moms/Pops to look their way. Emotions, those oh so influential feelings identify pride and you see it surging from those looking. Expressive eyes seem to convey approval. In actuality the visual stimuli says “I’m glad you haven’t disappointed” but this is avoided and… The natural sequence maintaining life continues, you breath and nothing matters. Exhilaration reigns simply because. You have confirmation that you’re more than the “drip” piercing the egg. Penetrating, as ignition has sustained the charge creating.


Adulthood. Big ideas with even bigger concepts of the possibilities leading to the expansion of you. Still, things have begun to percolate but you know this is a result of somethings, self-induced and.

Somebody other than those you’ve looked to for sustainability appears within your life and you sense another form of personal adulation and inside your imagination you begin to see, magnify. Displays of emotions expressed have no real reference point and you stay in a selfish mode. Believing once again, “Is this all for me, you shouldn’t have”.


No, they do not see anything miraculous about you. They have an insight giving them a superior understanding of what motivates humans with yours just being activated.

Now for your extended reality

Skippin’ off, running out in the Midnight Hour to do ah ‘lil shopping for anything allegedly forgotten whilst you were out earlier. But. This. Is an excuse. You confidentially proceed to the secret rendezvous with another Significant Other. The entire Affair seems to revitalize you and as things revolve you are discovered. But… You are skilled, the quick reply, “You neglected me, I felt alone, many times abandoned, I didn’t feel wanted”. Hummm, this prepared statement (s) is about as Salty as layin’ down with another, then when you find out it wasn’t nor had it ever been about you. Morphification becomes quick. Accusations are made. Slander is spread and secretly you pray for them to attain Viral status. Attorney summoned. Litigation is hatefully structured and suffice to say, made public. And… This Beat, goes on. Everything continues, spiraling outta control but you say, “No worries” as you knew nothing was ever under control only influenced. Feeling, words considered within your mental if only as a conditioned response to placate your ignorance shown.

Learn from yourself

You are the best Identifier of what makes you Click. Validation begins within. You knew from Day One what you saw. Were lookin’ at and along with those deeply intense vibrations you so un-restrictedly had to be possessed by had you, but.

Tricked. I was deceived!”

You, not hardly. You with the false modification already applied to your life, knew none of that stuff fooled you. The lie, you kept it goin’. Privately plotting as you went along your conceited way.

Me/Mine, appearing to those on the outside looking in that here are Two so caught-up in The Dance Of Deception, they have to be… Captivated in full illusion.

Whomever concluded this overheard nothin’ because they were preempted. Tuned in, locked down and stayed faithful with their “Ear Hustle”. The descriptive narrative, left to their interpretation only. In this case it was from He to She. I being He spoke to She, illustrating us as being on the doorsteps to a beautiful; “Inner-Course” with She… In full concordance. Understanding my words She/We, together took it for what it was. While, knowing those tryin’ to burglarize, deciphering our “kinetic energy” remained, clueless. They sought validation not expressed or extended from her nor I.

Being there, in the moment doesn’t require a damn ‘thang. Demands are the Discipline of Order. Deny your intuition, if you will. Act as if what ‘cha see can’t be. All you’ve done is place yourself in a world spinning deeper into the speculative.

What. What has this world become?”  Nothin’ more than what you’ve participated in creating.

Psssss; Validation begins at home. With those who truly have your best Interest In Heart. Not “At Heart”. Those at your heart will tell you exactly what you wanna hear. They are simply pushin’ buttons ‘til you unfasten them yourself. And even then, you’re gonna deny it if and when it doesn’t go your way.

“State of Dissonance”

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Find the rhythm find the rhythm.”

The rhythm, in some defined by the Bass cords.

Feel the Bass line then you’ll recognize the melody.

Feel the flow, the dissonance abandons and all becomes harmonious.

Much like life.  Even though everybody appears to be on a different page, when the pages are placed in their exact order the book can be formed.

Find the rhythm find the rhythm.”

Psychological Dissonance, always apparent but doesn’t have to be.  He/She, madly wanna be with one another but simultaneously holdin’ onto thoughts leading to beliefs which morph into ideas establishing values that are contradictory to their projected.

Projected what!

Me/Mine and this included every last one of ‘em entered the Intimate Apparel Shops, casually checking out what is available.  I, yes I pick up some complimenting sets, matching in color and material.  They, comfortably accept them while disappearing between the embroidery wall-papered partitions and moments later call out.  I glance down the same halls separating she from I and watch.  She is making last minute adjustments while contemplating.  Through the reflection in the full length mirror and no matter which of them they may be, they turn and in my eyes I’ve learned something about them/us which has allows for the elimination of the conflicting dust.  The sight is so commanding ‘til I realize there’s no need to become a participant.  Like those breakin’ to get to the local or nationalizing Strip Clubs.  Droppin’ big bucks just to say they are…

How, how is this possible?

Spontaneity.  Recall the feelin’s from days past when you got into something, couldn’t explain the reasons why but just went with the vibe.  That’s being in the moment. Flowing, glowing and knowing all that matters is the heighten comfort you/they have established and are now, exploring together.

The probability of doin’ this increase tremendously when you know the historical and respect what has become the traditional but then.  Realize something is holding you back.  Prevention has become your norm and in this momentarily point of clarity blow up what is antiquated and stand back.  Watch the fall out while for once being able to truly identify and visualize the creation of something much more; Transcending.  It’s called “You”.

This is manipulative.”

Much like the many things all Social Beings do and have no concept as to why other than it’s been this way as long as they/anyone can remember.  So let’s go back.  Way back.  To the beginning of this piece where you see a Five Hundred Dollar Bill PhotoShopped.  Two things are happening here with the 1st being or.  Having the ability to graphically change things with immediate results.  The other, seeing a $500 Dolla Bill even if the depiction of the persons featured face has been changed, you recognize the similarity of the currency to other paper money.  Now be truthful, who has not only seen but possessed an actual Five Hundred Dollar Bill of U.S. origin?

I have.

This is to say what One knows others may not even have considered nor thought in that direction.  Mainly because most are extensions of system designed to keep those spontaneous sparks from every igniting.  So now that ‘ya know let this lead you to my ultimate.

Settle in, an occasional grin.  All because my show is sponsored and presented with the two of us in mind.  Compliments extended, compliments taken.  Everything rotates effortlessly and all because, “This is how we do it”.  Hesitations based on deep seeded emotional reservations doesn’t even come into the equation.  Again, we are the Stars in this show.  Plus, in our minds we are…

I/She, always in possession of those “F U Points” so no matter what others assume, presume of those who’ve re-defined themselves.  Established themselves with a Presence impacting to most yet inconceivable to many making up the masses as they watch/stare in a type of conscious bias.  We…  Keep it movin’ and know that together we’ve forged an alliance.  We get it, got it and…

Psssss; Shows start, usually shortly after we exit the vehicle with those beautifully colored coordinated bags in hand with names etched on such as, Agent Provocateur, Trashies, Victoria Secrets.  (On that last one only when they have something really nice attracting us).  But either way, come.  Appear one and all.  The Akita’s, Dobies who always troll in pairs going by the names of Rosca & Bosca.  They’ve been locked safely in their dog runs, sooooo.  Slip inside the perimeter of our property.  Peer into the Bay windows and if you can illuminate your sight just to the degree of making out the images, maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of the most dynamic stage presentation of a Lingerie Show you will…  Well, I can’t charge anything for it because.  Mine are like the Five Hundred Dollar Bill, something of beauty few have ever seen despite of knowing of its existence.