Color; Green.

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ICHAS8440.Graphics.ColorGreen.2014Tension, rising. Attitudes, colliding.  I looked, she sighed. Cause of the friction, way too many personal contradictions.  I drove, she rode, still.  Convo had been slowed.  And the pulse…  They beat.

As time passed she suggested we change the direction we had settled into, but.  My response was, “I don’t hear you because your words are green”.  She was stumped but this was merely a momentarily lapse because her mind was quick, allowing.  No, she wouldn’t support the use or association of such a word when defining her.  Better to use the word, “affording” because she’s definitely One in complete charge of all her facilities and.  She shot back.  “Oh, I get it, you got jokes.  Here’s mine.  Oh, you wanna speak to me but when I have something to say, suddenly you are struck with selective amnesia, but.  Your mental lapse is not recognizable by me because.  I can’t hear your green voice uttering green words because.  Like you said, everything is green.  This car, green, driving down a green highway, leading us into a world that’s also; green. But.  I can’t tell because everything is…  Green.  Those trees you just thought you passed, weren’t really there even though you thought they were because.  How can you confirm anything when everything is.  Color Green.  The Plane falling out the sky, look, it’s right there.  Can you see it? Look, right over there.  Oh, my bad, how can you see it when the sky is green too.  Like the green trees lining this green four lane green road we’re traveling on.   A green plane, outta control, falling out of a green sky filled with green puffy clouds.  Hummm, really you don’t see or know anything so.  Why even ask you to stop because.  Well, why?  Can’t get out even if you did because the door handles are green and a green door handle attached to a green door I just can’t see because.  You probably can’t see it either and even if I did reach for it, my hand is green and I wouldn’t even know if I was reaching for something because.  This whole place is green and nothing can be distinguished from anything.”

Exercise in futility?  Nothing worth engaging is senseless from where I observe. Goal?  Reach One because, I am The One.  To sit back, marvel in what is based on what was, isn’t such a memorable sight.  More so when the Star shares a Bloodline.  It’s said that knowledge is power but.  What is always omitted is the completion of this phrase.  Knowledge is always in possession of someone, a body if you will.  Collectively knowledge can be amassed and stored in a vault way up in the sky, as in “The Cloud” concept.  Safety assumed and then, much like Celebs and their spicy private pics miraculously going viral.  all because someone with more knowledge than them, capable of accessing supposedly locked Cloud Storage sites, revealing what was thought to be, secretly kept from others and.  Knowledge wasn’t so “knowledgeable or secured”.

The point of this explanation is to illustrate that power, applicable power resided in the human psyche’ which is forever flexible to the point of realizing knowledge isn’t that powerful but.  He or She who possesses such knowledge is.  Knowing power is knowledge but only in the collections of people to the point that…  Power in the hands of an idiot guarantees one thing.  Exposure to those unaware ofa world headed into chaos.  Now you know the importance of…  Others in another’s life.

The terms “Irreconcilable Differences/Cruel Inhumane Treatment” and the colorful adjectives that keep flowing when One is stuck on superior stupidity is not.  I say, isn’t progressive to growth, but.  This and the constant reciting of such phrases is a by-product when anyone refuses to recognize and accept their shortcomings.  It’s part of the process of “The Blame Game” created by those much more Crafty in order to…  Cement the impenetrable walls used to guarantee division between He and She.  Denial, is what most of this posturing spawns from and.  Is a psychological process my ‘lil One can easily identify, which.  Is why the more adults need to recognize and refine their own focus.  Taking heed as in the sense of knowing why…  Why One is; much of the time really ‘ucked up.  So many keep failing at even the basic levels of communications between He and She and.  They get mad at me for having more than they’ve concluded should be my share.  Really.

Drifting as I do when wanting to find clarity, injection into another’s menagerie is easily achieved. Oh, you didn’t know I dealt in wild animals? My bad, thought I told y’all I’m One of many skills, but.  Everybody, everyone seeks to belong to a social order and when seeing another not of that order, looks shot back will.  Always be of personal contempt.  When I’m confronted with such looks, I don’t grin and accept it but know this is standard “M.O.” for those residing in a zoo or.  Those falling out of a green sky.

FOLK making up the unions between He and She seem to think everything is quantifiable.  Easily identified, isolatable and made to fit into whatever section, area or container chosen.  When accepting another into One’s world there’s a strong desire to down play what makes the One happy while attempting to soothe the other over who is…  The cause of the “Hot Pursuit” in the first place.  This is the result of believing once the conquest has been made, the dominate One will maintain domination over the…  One caught up in the “impressions” signifying true love.  Big mistake cause when real love is on deck, domination is not in the equation.  Also something that is usually missed is; when you have to “soothe” One over you really aren’t their “Object of Desire” like they’ve and you’ve made yourself out to be.

Still in “Drift Mode” clarity becomes brighter.  A duality is created allowing for One to…  Move further ahead where metaphorically One can look down those side alleys not given personal glimpses into.  It is within these private confines where another can be seen clearly.  If viewing correctly the realities are mind altering.  One becomes acutely aware of why another does what they do and why they’ve refused access to such areas in the first place.  Snooping?  Nope merely taking advantage of what One knows so that the connection to another can be better.  Besides, these places kept from One is where the real resides in the consciousness of those encountered.

In this expansive state of mind it becomes apparent…  Obvious that those rhetorical terms and legal phrases are said because “somebody” has assumed they’ve been swapped out and.  Something else has eclipsed them within their primary relationship.  Usually this something is another’s Job.  Jobs, favorite excuse when One is staying away from home.  Jobs, the go to reason when sitting down to eat and avoiding or not being in sync with One’s significant other at such a…  Opportune moment in time.  Job, on second thought a good reason when needing an excuse for not being there even when the reality happens to be.  One is probably thinking of the time had with another who’s shown a more attentive interest in.  One.  But.  Whom am I to mind read.  Tamper with another’s thoughts.

Said many times everyone, everything has an expiration date, yet.  Within a union between two and sometimes three and four, this reality shouldn’t become so pronounced.  Why?  Simply because expiration in relations with a job, profession, avocation are two separate entities.  The job means money.  Money doesn’t bring happiness but it sure beat poverty.  If and when One has put so much time at the workplace, avoiding coming home, being home and showing no interest in being together.  Merely signifies something else is happening.  No, a lot of things are happening.  Some mysterious, some so dark and lurking, undefined ‘til.  You just wanna act as if none of it exist.

The Drift, which some call “Remote Viewing” lets One know that everything is not ever all green.  Still, in these depths of awake but somehow, outside the body One can return and let others know that before these clever terms and phrases are slung, One should.  Look deep within before any such conclusion is made as to the actual cause of the absence of One’s significant other.  Also, what should be a consideration and from The Gate, should have been once the unification was established, how and what were two going to subsist off of when…  The actual requirements of a job hadn’t been associated with The Art of actual living which I probably the reasons for all the contempt.

When building for two and this extends again to 2 plus many more cause relationships today are…  Way more extensive than those of yesterday so.  Creating the Utopia said to have been foreseen, everyone has to be on the same page and not uniting based on some frivolous factors of which.  Neither has seen a reason to bring to the table so to speak.  For example, if One is a “Gold Digger” maybe…  Possibly it should be voiced just so the other is aware of some slight mental adjustments that are bound to require adjustment during the immediate future even if just for the emotional toll that is gonna take effect once revealed.  Also, sometimes what isn’t said, should be because the reality may be way different than what has been personally perceived and circulation publicly. Which has probably been the actual reason for the refusal to even consider working through the fiasco within the union itself.  But.  FOLK luv to posture if not for the peace of mind to the self, then.  For that same public who really doesn’t care about what is really going on in another’s life.  ‘Cept.  Except to the extent of mere nosiness.

So many have approached, inclusive of those not welcomed and “Bassed” (spoken without inquiring whether or not their voice wanted to be heard) and apprised me to some facts assumed germane to my life.  “Why were you out in the streets when you have all this knowledge”.  Real Talk, “None of your business”, but where I find myself today, way too many have forgotten to purchase their own supply of business ‘til I know I have enough to share.  I was out there because I wanted everything like everybody else and wasn’t waiting for tomorrow.  The separating factor in me to the we was, I didn’t sell my Soul while being out there.  This allowed for me to retain my life-line to the conscious me.  Affording me the ability to actually face the “Me” in a quest to where as I ever considered the “We”.  This in itself establishes a foundation where no job, profession will every become primary 1 where the “We” is concerned.  As for a Gold Digger in the mix, it’s like this. Someone once told me they had no idea their significant other was so, “willingly towards experimentation” when it came to carnal activities and.  It was all due to not being “willing” to open dialogue with their significant other who.  Had forge ahead, creating a collection of…  Secondary Significant Others who had no repulsion in…  Exploration on a physical plane.  The insight was the fact known as, “A closed mouth won’t be fed”.  When anything is wanted, speak up on it.  Where something is sought and a bind has been tied, securing One to Another, let the other know what’s up.  If the tone isn’t resonating with any clarity as this, thought, position, inclination is tabled, possibly it is the delivery.  This is to say, soften the approach, change the octave to the voice used.

Game, everybody says they have it but.  Most don’t.  To those who step with the words, “Everything in life isn’t always about a game”, keep it movin’.  Those who present this are of the lot always getting caught-up cause they can’t get outta their own way.  Game, is metaphorically injected here.  Split your perception and the beauty of the simple incorporation will shine light where it’s other-wise, a dimly lite world.  When any unification is “Trump” and time passes only to arrive at the juncture where “cruel and inhumane difference” have been the primary expose’ sprouted about.  Something, well a lot of things were at issue from Day One.  Just wasn’t said just as I’ve said.

Psssss; The color is still green but now seeing the distinguishing points of demarcation separating all is easier because.  Individuality signifies Character.  Oh yes, within everyone there’s another level of existence and Character is way different than acquired traits.  Character of One is the portal others fail to see.  I say, look deep, look long because.  In this life, only the strong will survive.  If you are strong, your survival will blossom as you begin to.  See through the seemingly germane colors such as when everything appears; Green.

Human Traffic…

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ICHAS8440.Graphics-HT.2014“Traffic occurs when everybody arrives at an interchange and then…Realizing preparations hadn’t been made from the beginning of… One’s venture”.

In the canyon, driving, contemplate my next move and I heard, via the Media, the 1st African American U.S. A.G. “Eric Holder” had served America with his resignation.  This startling revelation occurred about the same time “she”…  Pushed through the concealing trees, directly into my path as I wondered; Who is she and what is she to me.

Alexia, blond, light brown eyes, blouse ripped in a way that doesn’t happen from being snagged by a low branch catching on as One passes.  Strong accent indicates possibly Russian nationality, still.  Knew my language well as she said, “You Black guy, give ride”.  I don’t make it a habit of extending my door, allowing entry to those I haven’t personally vetted.  Even if the “once over” is done from a visual perspective while adding what I already know to determine if I really know.  The traditional maid’s outfit draping her body made me think, “Naw, didn’t quite fit with the face” or…  As I already surmised, that body.  Alexia, hands on my hood, leaning from the passenger’s side of my car gave a commanding presentation. Yes, very skilled and precise in conveying “Non-Vic”; (not a victim so don’t pity me).  From where I sat, what I saw, refreshing.  Especially on a highway canyon.

As she got in, tucked down in a non-conspicuous way saying “Go”, I didn’t have to wait long for her to bring it.  Brought to America by a man who knew a woman who told her, “Go with him to America have better life”, and. She believed.  The Teller of this Tale, Russian obviously, the story, One heard too many times from various foreigners and the nationality didn’t change the version.  Real Africans, many descending from all locales Asia.  Those from Central & South America.  Even Native Alaskans who probably thought they were, safe from such, takings.  I’ve known born and bred Americans who’ve couldn’t believe what their lives had morphed into.  All whisked into another land or state of being and placed at the doorstep of servitude.  A life designed on the beliefs and personal agendas of..  Captor.

The more distance separating her from the point of our inception, the more her English skills became apparent.  Even when in bondage some retain while others are slow in regaining their senses towards ceasing all they can, for the day those acquisitions will serve them best.  For her, in my presence comfort and familiarity in witnessing real kindness demolished the previous cautionary mindset and the impact lead to a smooth riding partner.  Alexia, a battered soul, desperately seeking a way back.  Back to a life minus the enforcement of ways and means oblivious to her.  Thrust into another world with nothing on the menu relevant or psychologically approachable.  All that can be expected under such terms are…  More and more of the same.  Cruelty, harsh realities, a life unwanted.

Alexia dressed as a maid, had been nothing more than a captive sex object to the husband who’s Wifey was cool with the arrangement and looked the other way just as long as…  She didn’t have to submit to whatever Alexia had been condition into accepting.  But, Alexia either wise to the deception or One to had grown into her ability to decipher, saws through the mask and knew Wifey had began to exhibit those same, latent sadistic tendencies as Hubby.  This told her it was only a matter of time before, this cycle of predation became of mutually engaging affair by Hubby and…  Wifey. A convergence of attractions she had no desire of partaking in.

Stopping for fuel, panic set in.  I saw it within her eyes and for some reason, could smell the fear.  So what, I had no though of dropping her off at the nearest Sheriff’s station.  The place we stopped for gas, put us in the same area where “Mitrice Richardson” an African American, last seen in Law Enforcement’s custody ended up dead.  Calming her apprehension the only way I knew how, food was introduced.  Nibbling on snacks, inhaling the sea breeze, waiting for the fuel tank to top off.  Was this a bad calculation on my part as I played “Capt’n Save Ah Ho?”.  Like I’ve said before, I don’t save anybody.  Guaranteeing Life to those who demanded to live and let live.

Gas in, we started off and Alexia discovered her phobias hadn’t been missed by me.  This re-recognition of another who didn’t seek to compromise her sexuality was cause for her pause.  A confirmation she was going to get another chance at life.  Where we were headed wasn’t a factor.  She just needed distance.  When getting away from anything adversarial, the first thought is to bolt. Break wide, make the move to be moved and that’s it.  Everything else, comes in time when there’s time.  Rest or the immediate thought of it, waits.  For now, everything is on automatic as the preparations had been done long ago.  This position is more so relevant when still within “enemies territory”, but.  She reached a mental point and finally allowed her lips to part.  A smile came.  She wasn’t returning to normalcy.  What was occurring was a sense of re-connect.

Most don’t think, just assume enslavement is about race.  Captivation of the weakest.  This is far from the truth.  The taking of another human being is about economics.  Labor is the driving force of the economics of the Enslaver.  When the one caught in the snare of this trap comes in the appearance of an Alexia, in that One’s mind the End Game has always arrived at the same point of conclusion.  A point One doesn’t ever want to accept as the reality, but a condition that’s always on the depth chart.  Usually coming in the sequence of 1 and 2.  Is this a factor of the position One puts themselves in?  No, and why should it be.  This operative factor arises based on the One who dictates power.  They know their position and money will…  Allow them to “have it their way”. Function above the law.  Laws, Rules and Regulations, institutional beliefs everybody is ‘pose to abide by.  Can Human Trafficking be eliminated?  No because there will always be Class distinctions defined, while maintaining a separation between those who have and have no intentions of doing without.  To those who don’t have who want, therefore…  Will be of the mindset continuing placing themselves in the harms-way of those who will exploit the basic nature of human beings.  In a perfect world enslavement wouldn’t be necessary but…  An overused expression employed when others won’t admit to what it is.  She, like others I’ve seen while partaking in parties way up in the “Gated Communities”, those slaving, working under threat of some sort of persecution because they have something in their background or past.  Identified by the Enslaver and…  To others I’ve known who see me in the parks acting as if “they” belong.  Tend to the children of those who have “scared them into submission” as they…  Demand while making them watch the kids as they play, flock, run.  Get messing then run into the arms of the same enslaved who…  Shows compassion and won’t blame the child but.  Attends to the same child as if that child was one of their own.  Compassion, passion for sharing life can appear on various levels.  Same personal consideration I was now displaying towards Alexia.  Did she attempt to use her one relevant “Trump Card” to make sure I’d reciprocate?  She knew enough to recognize that card didn’t need to surface.  This One was way more creative than others I had seen, encounter along this highway where the cargo had always been human.  On her person, cash, and she knew it was King.  She had suffered the indignation long enough and while being the captive, “took” what she’d need to make her ultimate get away.  By my estimation I wasn’t the first car to round the bend which told me, she was crafty.  Intel about others is paramount in anybody’s quest when rise to another level.  The Enslaver had an agenda.  The Wifey, Significant Other who stood back, stating it doesn’t impact them as long as it doesn’t touch them also had an agenda.  That statement, merely deceptive to self.  When you reap any benefits from an activity, legal, illegal.  Insane to “half-way sane, being viewed as sane”, you are as much a part of the victimization as the one leading.

Talking with Alexia I reflected on my own affairs with females who Back-In-The-Day handed me their expiration ticket and moved to go.  The extraction was not ever civil, peaceful or complimenting to either of us.  Some, after reconsidering, maybe for the first time actually examining what we had in relations to what we had become, flipped.  Morphing back into and stayed for another round.  Privately hoping to “re-create” that magic but.  All I needed was a glimpse and I…  Also flipped, reflected and knew it was time.  Time to push on because to stay would only mean a re-surfacing of the conflict that brought us to this point.  A point in which each of us would only be serving some vindictive, revenge lead desire to…  Bring pain to the one assumed to have caused… Pain.  With this realization my mind said, why?  Why would I want to be with anyone who didn’t want to be with me?  Eventually discovering the answer just as I understood why, Alexia’s’ Captor did what they did.  Psychological growth can come when One least expected it and to reduce One’s self to a charity case is way lower than anyone should go.  Alexia had nothing to concern herself with while in my company.  She laid her head back, commented on the Pelicans scanning and skimming along the water and.  Inhaled.

Further up along the Coast and arises another laid back beach community.  Comprised of FOLK who I knew enough about personalities to know there’d be many who would.  Have a boat, after a ‘lil convo would be progressive in their thoughts and offer to provide safe passage outta America for Alexia.  I mentioned it.  She, looked at me and said.  “I not go back to my country, I like here”.  That was enough for me.  She was an adult, fully prepared to make her decision so all I could do was help her in identifying the pros and cons.  Chop them up and give her more to think about.

Dining at the harbor café , her preferences of edibles, Squid that she tried to explain to me was Calamari of which, I still had no desire to eat, and.  Playing with her eating utensils, looking over to the Seals lounging on the buoy bobbing side to side, she…  Begin to smile more and more.  Life at least what she had begun to re-envision was in full bloom now.  She inquired about San Francisco and that’s about the time I…

Captivity cause One to dis-engage to the point that it may appear One is lost in illusion.  This perception of One’s state of being is…  False.  Until you’ve been where One has been don’t think for a minute you can cover them with the blanket you’ve chosen as your own, psychological and emotional warmth.  Despite of what One may have experienced, how you deal with it during and after is based on; What you accept as you.  In the case of Alexia, she’d been tossed, turned, sexed up, down.  Probably introduced to all sorts of deviant…  At least from her point of likes and dislikes with regard to sexual activities, and.  She knew this wasn’t her.  Did she participate or did I even consider the part she played?  Even if I shared with you the length of her captivity those minds starving for excitement.  Wanting to know all the salacious activities, will.  Add the color according to their imaginary film rollin’ in their heads as to the…  Participation level maintained by her so…  Keep imagining.  The fact is, she maintained a sense of dignity despite knowing her friend was the one who introduced her to this terror-dome.  When anyone One knows another who participates in an evil as diabolical as Human Trafficking, One can only question their own sanity in relations to identifying Who’s Who.  Still, those who do and rise again, they…  Have reinforced, personally, that they have what is required to.  Like Alexia, head to San Francisco knowing that a danger is still.  Forever present, but. The presence of danger won’t stop One who intends to live life to the fullest.

This young parent was literally abusing her child while attempting to place the child in a stroller.  I watched and after the incident others inquired of me, “How can you just sit there and let that happen”.  Really…  America, like any society has morphed into something is wasn’t ‘pose to be.  Make a suggestion to a parent whose already demonstrated a violent edge and prepare to be attacked.  As for those fearful ones who observed just as I had, ‘uck em.  People always want another to champion a cause and they know damn well, they ain’t built like that.  Alexia was built like that and I know she knew I was from a similar cloth.  In life everybody is in a rotation.  All that comes within that sphere is meant to be.  Fate?  No, just how life is.  Strong gravitate to situations that challenge.  Weak.  They do what those did at the park, look for a safe way to run their mouths and hope that no one takes offense.

Psssss; Wanna live.  Do something.  Get up off your tired ass and make it happen.  You all who’ve stayed with me have sampled much by way of what I bring.  I’ve enjoyed having you at my table. My goal is simple, provoke inspiration while enhancing One’s psyche’.  Life comes with many Ex Factors.  Ex Factor being what cannot be anticipated or totally prepared for.  The way to deal is to know that being aware doesn’t eliminate nothin’.  It only makes you more knowledgeable to what is.  Then, flexibility becomes, more decisive when thoughts and actions are…  In Vogue.  Please… Enjoy what’s been prepared exclusively for those who wish to dine minus the sideshows.

This ‘Ol Man & D.V. aka Domestic Violence

Posted in Communications, Men&Women, psychology, Relationships with tags on September 19, 2014 by ichas8440 Knight he wasn’t but. His name was Lance.  “YoungStar” coming hard hot and ready.  Couldn’t tell him nothing because.  He was of the Gen. who knew everything.  Introduce “Cale” short for Caledonia.  Sophisticated, therefore experienced.  Record indicated she had five successful “kills” and had never applied for Sniper School.  A body that wouldn’t quit and a vocab. that made men somehow submit.  Oh, me…  This was why Lance wanted to know why I wasn’t moved by her very presence.

Those “Kills” mentioned, Ex. Spouses, Ex. Lovers, Ex “some bodies” who came into her life, assumed she was right, engaged, over time morphed.  Presented something she didn’t agree with placing her in a negative mode of contemplation, and.  None of which ever attained the elemental qualifications for submission to prosecute so.  She walked.  Yes, Cale was on the opposite end of the spectrum defining Domestic Violence or.  As I say, “D.V.”.

Most won’t even consider the number of females who are “The Perpetrators”.  Bring it up and you’ve just placed an unwanted spotlight on the 800 pounds of madness occupying the recessive minds of the masses.  No one, not one wants to recognize, talk or even consider this stat.  Cale went un-opposed in society because she had beauty, seemed very civil, all the stock she needed to keep applying her trade.  It was obvious why when He or She set eyes on Cale the attraction was…  Captivating, most definitely.  From where I’ve decided to observe which is from the perspective of, “This ’Ol Man”.  The One who hasn’t forgotten the lessons learned with the recital of Nursery Rhymes from Back-In-The-Day. Clever phrases, sometimes riddles in time but.  Knowledge still ringing true today.  “Nic Nac Paddy Whack” for those who remember, and.  I kept rollin’ on as it says in one of the verses of This ‘Ol Man.

Life, it’s about livin’, learnin’, and not makin’ the same mistakes over and over again.  Once Upon A Time it may have been the culture to “whoop ‘dat ass” but.  Progress on an intellectual tip is now, Trump.  Before things even unfold, most today have an idea about what’s going on or at the very least, the probabilities of what may happen.  And yes, some are so caught-up in the illusions of life they won’t even think about the frailties existing within another.  Especially if the other is an object of desire.

Because of the media’s present focus on D.V. as it develops within the Sports Industry everyone is engaged in private dialogue pertaining to the same.  Is this going to change anything?  Nope.  More will take advantage of the Hotline Call Centers and some will evaluate their present situation and rush to the Shelters, but.  Overall change…  Individuals aren’t having it because way too much fun is goin’ on, therefore.  Society isn’t too concerned either.  Too many cultures mixing and matching personal attitudes that don’t mesh.  Culture beliefs are structured and founded on traditional values.  What’s going on right about now is that values, morals are used as stop-gap measures.  Things incorporated only if and when what has been engaged in turns sour.  There’s so many different views and explanations pertaining to what is D.V., that it’s beyond one stop shopping for resolve.  Politicians create legislation only when its financially feasible and or public demand threatens their very political office.  Activists only want change that reflects their positions.  And as the world turns, it is pondered and always secretly; “How many agencies involved actually provide preventive care once the judicial and structural intervention programs regarding separation of  Vics and or Perps occurs”.  Real talk, a resounding small percentage.

Yes, life goes on.  It’s a personal endeavor if an Aftercare Support Group is sought of which…  Those actually identify keep preaching the status quo known as “Keep Hatin” to all those who cross over their sanctified threshold.

When I was really Roguish I’d relish the encounter with anyone who was a proponent for the victims of D.V..  Why?  Because they wanted just what they said they didn’t want.  They wanted inclusion into what they assumed was the exciting life, ‘til.  They didn’t even open their eyes until they were deep into a relationship built on illusions.  Oh yes, paint a picture, allow it to be viewed and many will line up to buy.  Metaphor?  So what, it’s real.  If I had “ducats”, (money) for those who spent time with me on an intimate level and once they found out I had no sustainable interest in them, I’d be close to a wealthier existence.  Only after this reality was pushed by me, did I become the…  800 LB’s of madness.  Prior to that, I was… Said to be different.  Despite  having shared my most deepest, darkest nightmares to them they still loudly voiced.  “We’re gonna make this our personal journey and I’m gonna see you through this “journey” with me right here on your side.”  Already in their eyes I had risen above the sickness that once engulfed me with no further thought given to what I said.

Oh yes I did…  I was “that G”.  As long as I continued to be the object of carnal delights, appearing as I arrived in the attire screamin’ success.  Smiling at the opportune times completing the photo-opps and under cover selfies confirming the closeness “we” sustained…  It was all good.  I had reformed and they stood in testament to this.

Bad me? Bad you for believing your life is so much different than those who take the position professing to know what others need to know in order to eliminate what is bad for them.  Jews date African Americans until it’s time to “go back”.  Back into their sanctified lives where D.V. is said to seldom occur.  The transgressor who…  Crossed the line and now tell all about involvement in D.V. land and now.  Gloriously profess to have found the topic something they know personally.  They are back, wanting, begging for re-acceptance into that which they truly are.  And I’m the Bad One…

Mexicans dislike El Salvadorians who can’t stand the Belizeans and none will admit they mingle and don’t give a damn if they aren’t single.  But when the relationship is no longer in Vogue, they blast to the world, “I’ve been the silent victim of D.V. will everybody listen while I rescue myself on the way to more financial success”. Mixing and matching.  Escaping with the knowledge of one culture, blending into that of another and foolishly thinking it’s gonna be different because.  Because you think life is so much different on the other side.

Jumping from sub-sets within the topic of discussion, landing on aspects of D.V. that haven’t given you any satisfaction as to how to deal with D.V..  “The nerve of me.”  Yes the nerve, and this is by design.  You just don’t wanna expand your mind, marinate on what is already “In the pot” so to speak.  Right, with all the “secret” discussions held behind closed doors where those collective voices won’t say what it is, how in the hell is anyone ‘pose to get passed the conversation and move deep into applicable solutions to prevent some of this violence?  Right, the results of subtle inferences to the symptoms while avoiding the causes of this societal malady is what keeps the convo going and no real changes to the problems existing.

Lance didn’t say but alluded to the possibility of fear being all up in me as the reasons for my refusal to engage with what Cale put out there.  This was erroneous not erogenous and that’s what I’m about.  Seeing what is, refusing to color coordinate for the benefit of inclusion and accepting what colors are added personally by the One presenting the option.  Something else, Lance was looking for a “nut” in the present day vernacular where as he… Had no understanding of what type of packaging made up the likes of Cale.  Was she a bad person?  No.  Was she dangerous?  When options are exhausted with regard to understanding One’s confusion when dealing with another who isn’t “cooperating” in the way “One” demands, and.  That person resorts to violence, what’s more dangerous than that?  Cale was of the D.V. to which nobody wants to acknowledge and. D.V. is within every culture known to man and kind.

D.V. as stated doesn’t discriminate. Class, ethnicity, Race, economics, all is welcomed.  Nothing prevents it from rearing its head, yet society doesn’t even recognize those such as Cale and ultimately extends the Cales’ of the world a pass.  This mentality in protection towards the female doesn’t help the society at large.  Am I being discriminatory by how I’ve stepped into this global discussion on D.V.?  Hummm, let me think.  My answer, wait on it!

The “nut” Lance was seeking and I referred to, relates to orgasm.  That level of danger isn’t where I wanna end up at the conclusion of any carnal experience.  Cale is calculating, voluptuous, erotically intoxicating, cunning like nobody could or would anticipate.  Few wanna see this because, very few intend to perform an examination on the various levels which D.V. reveals itself.  Cunningess is a methodology of any predators position.  Lance is “young” but that doesn’t necessitate he has to conclude the “dumb” part of this tired ass expression.  Cale knew damn well what her end game was to be because she’d executed it at least 5 times successfully before, and…  “Quiet as kept” she had probably committed more.  What she hadn’t acquired were the personal skill-sets and observational abilities to develop another way to address her violent out-burst.

There’s Camps set-up, designed and only capable of articulating to one or the other aspects of D.V..  Proponents are good and everybody should decide which side they’re gonna be on.  Still, to actually understand, identify the possibly solutions towards addressing this matter, be it to those who are The Vic.  To those who are The Perp..  To those whose real interest is only to generate income while keeping the separation cycle intake need to say what it is and stop assuming theirs is the only way.  It like religious types saying “If you’re not Christian you can forget about going to heaven”.  Or those who say, “You’re an infidel if you don’t practice and support Islam”.

Cale was in serious distress. Conflicted beyond simple reasoning.  Unless you’re void of empathy you cannot living within a functioning social order, kill and keep killing while acting like it doesn’t impact you.  Same is said for those such as Lance.  A YoungStar who is lead by “His Second Head” to which, if he doesn’t stand and deal with this Marauder of masculinity, he will…  Eventually fall to the intrusion despite of the momentarily pleasures explored.

Who has all the answers? Get real, definitely not I.  I will only address that which I know.  Still the Avenues are out there.  Seek based on what ‘cha wanna know and you shall find.  Look, based on what others have told you you may need to know and you will find also.  The difference will be in attainment, application and understanding of the overall effect on man and kind.  Today everybody is seeking a leader when few of those leading possessing leadership skills.  To lead you’ve gotta be willing to follow.  I could have taken what Lance presented, allowed my Second Head to take command and follow like being on the hunt just as he was.  But, I’d be like everybody else, not willing to stand and be accounted for.  I will not ever have a “Dog in the fight”. However, I will look at the dogs fighting and see what they do. If that’s what the dog does and it doesn’t infringe on me. Well, don’t take this outta context but, I’m cool with the dog being a dog.  I won’t support the dogs fighting but I understand the reasons for the fight and also know why there’s so many in participation.  Making up the viewing audience, occasionally saying something they assume is relevant.  Same with being able to see what a YoungStar is dealing with and not worried if the YoungStar likes me after what I have to say is said, of which…  Is very relevant.

‘Ol Man, Sophisticated Lady as the phrase to replace Mature Woman because.  That’s what’s politically correct right about now, but.  Doesn’t change what or whom the conversation has used as the focal points.  No reference to the individuals as much as the cultures.  That’s what creates what is!  D.V. isn’t a subject to be considered lightly.  The far-reaching effects are devastating beyond the wildest imaginations.  Chivalry isn’t dead. Just wait ‘til you find yourself on the opposite end of a dangerous situation and you can’t get outta if.  Watch then how quickly you seek the help of… Anyone who even appears with the remotest possibility of offering; assistance.  My assistance to Lance, that to Cale, and yes, I did eventually engage and those suggestions where just that. Suggestions. There’s multiply sides to every situation.  When addressing one, know that what is brought to you is based on.  The One stepping into your mist decides to open up about.  They have an agenda. Clear to them and vague to you, that is. Until they provide the color components and you take it from there.

Psssss; What for!  Despite those “for” the other side who line up “against” will forcefully usher in more Drama and the point…  Can become diluted.  Nothin’ about what I do will be subjected to the “Watered Down” version.  Life, again is about livin’.  I’m busy doin’ just as much because eventually I’m gonna “ascend” again, and all this will be serialized, pre-quelled by the next crew who discovers what has already been served while swearing they’ve found something new.

“Channeling This; Oooh Yeah”

Posted in Communications, Men&Women, psychology, Relationships with tags on August 29, 2014 by ichas8440 no longer smooth?  Predictability replaced with, stagnation because the answers to any question posed, resulting in the same dry ass respond.  The Magician without the magic; hold on it’s gonna get crazier.

He, She, doesn’t matter. When those traditional calls are no longer returned during the time they previously were. If the arrival time for returning to the spot, doesn’t have the importance once defined by promptness, it’s time. Time for the juiciness to be fully squeezed out even when you don’t think any remains.

When you think they are tellin’ the truth as you hear, “I’ve moved in but it’s just temp. ‘til I can get my own place”. Temporary is all-inclusive under these terms, and yes; toothbrush still in the cabinet but the moved out a long time ago.  If it’s the Boss or anyone met while in the capacity known as “work related”, best believe the signs have been received, read and acted upon by them way before the move-in date was exchanged.  Some say these types of relationship don’t last because they are based on factors arising from a depressed state.  Maybe, maybe not.  Depends on the insight and assertiveness of the one who has offered the…  Bed.

Pistola in hand, safety off.  Tears rollin’ because you really don’t wanna take the only life you know and have no real understanding of what lies beyond.  Nervously fumbling with the gun, you see a light.  Hoping for mercy.  Frantically searching within this imaginary glimmer for a sighting of your significant other.  There, a visual has been made, you see them running towards you, smiling, happy to be where they are.  You think “Those were the times”, then.  You feel the dog rubbing against your leg as you look down, confirming the physical contact and.  Reality has returned.

Emotional despondency, personal misery, subtle expressions of depression will create havoc within Ones life.  Where another is identified as the cause, over-stimulation of the psyche’ happens and the trip will be way beyond your wildest dreams.  The temp housing becomes tangible images of how you use to have it.  Late night, any night a delight, the cuddling when watching T.V., feeding one another popcorn not wanting to be the one to consume the last kernel so you share.  The twosome in the shower dates washing each others back, morphing into mad passionate aquatic Sex-Capades.  But now…  You’ve been replaced and the laughter, those words which use to make their way deep down into your body, confirming you’ve got it following with.   “I’ve never felt like this before and I’ll never ever never leave you”, are now expressed to.  Not you at least not at this time, and you wanna snap.  Writing was on the wall long before legible by “you” and.

In today’s times there’s always a prescription purchasable to disguise any type of emotional pain.  The prob. is, the source of the pain will not diminish as it has only been masked.  Seek help from those within your immediate circle proves fruitless as well because.  Everybody sees you as the winner and no one wants to be associated with depression because.  They assume it will infect them. To a large degree the possibility of absorbing many of the traits defining this mental state are, actually very contagious.  Only because, like you they are probably just as fragile, but pride prevents any possibility of admitting guilt.  So, you, them, avoid the real while they tell you it’s okay and; “Rise above it I know you can“.  But, in your particular scenario you have licensed personnel who are experts in this and.  Schedule an appointment for the next fix.  You go, they see you.  Listen to you and…  You begin to notice the same blank facial expressions you…  Had when this whole thing began and this is confirmation they are adrift in their own thoughts based on you taking them there.  Not always the case but… It happens more than any professional will cope too.

Self medication isn’t always an option but. You live with yourself each and every day. You can become aware of the Triggers pushing you closer to that edge so.  Can’t escape the skin you’re already in so meditate.  Search your soul, exploring what really makes you need, want and desire.  Do you have a predisposition to any chemical substances.  When the answer is yes, even if it is to just make it through the professional day, don’t.  I repeat do not move in that direction.  You do and you’ll become as predictable as your significant other who is now.  In the arms of another, drifting, hoping this time it will be better than before but.  Based on the driving motivations making all this possible in the first place, secretly you know like they do, it’s not probably.  Once the novelty has worn off, the affair will turn in to what it is.  Another discovery as in fling that has grown beyond its borders.  Still, there’s light at the end of the tunnel you’ve let blind you because.  You are conscious of what’s really goin’ on.

Before all comes tumblin’ down, prepare a plan.  Manage that time and stop letting it handle you.  Accept life can sometime resemble war so.  Know that you are now behind, enemy lines and nothin’ is sacred.  This includes your significant other who you once thought was “Sent From Above”.  Everything should be viewed as below you now.  Gather yourself, step over it.  Vanquish those morbid thoughts causing you to wanna vomit because.  You can’t fathom the thought, let alone the graphic images of “yours truly” grasping for air as a result of being in the throes of another as they create, total ecstasy even though they’re still using the Com-Links to connect with you.  Lying to you and…

Harmony, works both ways, now you’ve gotta establish another rhythm if you intend to create a more compliment sound.

This is not easy but it is.  Like breathing, once you’ve master the ability you never see it as a task.   Repeat the motions and movements guaranteeing your life.  Step up and in while getting it right. Those Wordsmiths who come up with the clever saying, they still hold true. “Shit happens” is a truism. Yours stunk.  Theirs too.  You just didn’t wanna admit it during the time when you were wrapped up.  Wining and dining.  Again, monogamy is a choice.  Exclusivity doesn’t mean what it once did.  Wanna play in that arena, get with The Game.

The question was posed, “I don’t want a divorce”.  Hearing it, I watched as the body language indicated something unsaid.  Seeking what I already knew, I asked.  No, smilin’ like a wick Pirate I said, “you don’t wanna share that money”.  Confirmation came quick, the response was, “You’re right”.  Knowing this, goin’ into The Game and love is in the air, come up for some.  Step back and casually state “The Terms Of Services”.  Oh, logic isn’t a part of the plan when engaging?  What’s more logical than something that’s gonna impact you for the rest of your life.  Even when you don’t wanna admit it.

Psssss; To those wallowin’ in pain and misery about what got away.  Find personal solace by recalling who was there.  You!  Arranging the initial song, now.  Do another masterpiece.  This one, probably in C-major.  Oh yes, another major production staring…  You.

The 22nd Psalms or… Didn’t see this comin’

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Ichas8440Graphics_The22ndPsalms..._2014I recently read about a woman who said she doesn’t want a man ’til he knows he’s a man because any other woman he’s been with before her could have only ruined him.  I found this to be humorous simply because he couldn’t have been the man she sought because.  To be with another before you find that other who’s meant for you, are merely trials and tribulations of one seeking to become…  The One!

Sunset & Vine, steppin’ out for a late night breath of fresh air.  The Drama in the place I was, had gotten just that steep.  Light was red and I crossed anyway as the “Po Po” sat on the seat of his cycle, scrafin’ down a Taco watching.  He cared but the Taco trumped.  I went to the same Taco truck and despite the crowd, moved to the front of the line with my order.  Everybody stared, some even mad dogged me with their demon eyes but, ‘nar one turned up a crooked lip in my direction.  Yes, I was on one.

When the Bugatti appeared as if out of a bend in an unseen vortex, the attention shifted.  Door opened, dress slit at the knees, inner calf bustin’ out as she worked it well.  Strutting through the crowd as they parted like The Red Sea, she accepted the anointed opening and sailed right through.  The mass of FOLK caught up in tryin’ to figure out what all this means, couldn’t take their eyes off the car that none probably hadn’t seen.  In reaching the Order Window she glanced nonchalantly at me, gave me the once over  and…  That’s when she recognized, I did Tacos.

Munchin’ through my fifth one she made it a point to brush up against me causing me to stop in mid chomp.  I failed to chock and that only stimulated her more.  Now, invading my air space she sniffed animalistcally around my shirt collar while all the other started hoopin’ and hollin’.  Alien was all that crossed their minds but…  Not in mine.  Picking up my Root Beer soda with the extra ice, slowly sipping on my long red straw, sucking deep into the super sized black colored cup, never questioning my luck.  The impact of my final slurp followed with an echoing swig, let everyone know this Root Beer Soda wasn’t for kids.  As if watching a live feed the FOLK stood almost as if suspended in slow motion, refusing to break away, demanding more and more of this provocative display.  Covering my mouth as everyone anticipated the burp, I used my thumb to catch the dribble before it dropped on my shirt.  The nasty-ass public belch didn’t come.  Those watchin’ seemed upset because I wasn’t according to the character assumed for this set.  Reaching for a napkin from the counter full of condiments, instead I placed a collections of leaflets.  Walking away I heard the tussle and hustle of feet and hands as the mad dash was on to retrieve something assumed left by an entertaining man.  Jay-Walking the “Po Po” at it again, gave me one of those stares to imply, “You really are gonna test me tonight knowin’ we ain’t friends“.  Safe across on the other side, I gave him the universal hand sign indicating I come in Peace, ‘cept.  My interpretation was totally different as he smiled thinking I was just havin’ a breakdown which would soon be in total remission.

Back in front and about to re-enter my building I heard that roar again.  The unmistakable sound of a super powerful ultra high-end sports car.  It was Bugatti spelled with  a B.  “B” as in she who slid from behind the wheel motioning for me to just come for the thrill.  Looking over my eyebrows while raising my index finger, I visually suggested she follow my message.  The Dance Of Deception was accepted, lasting no longer than a minute when I knew I could get deeper in it.  I was now her passenger.

Headed to The Loews Hotel up off of Hollywood and Highland we cut through the alley which is what we do in cali.  Entering through the parking area along side the back entrance we took the service elevator up to her room where it soon began.  In the era for the introduction of some of the worlds deadliest STDs, she broke and still got down to her knees.  On the bed, curtains open, we both fell under some mysterious love potion.  She like a Mad Russian out of Vodka, purred like a kitten as she…

“Back Dat Thank Up Fo Santa”.

Yes, not even Xmas time and I was gettin’ mine.  Channelin’ Claus and she glided directionally exactly for the right cause.

Standing on the balcony, looking out to sea.  “What, you thought all I had was a view of the city”.  A sight caught my eye, a breaching Whale sailing by.  Less than fifty feet from the shore, the sight compounded my emotional score.  Yes, I was on one.  You should try it sometimes, just remember one thing.  When you least expect it you may get elected to bring it like you’ve didn’t think you could and that’s the point you should.  When wanting the best, be the best.  There’s no shame in personifying your Game.

Psssss; This is to “You, You and even You”.  Everybody who swears to somebody about practicing safe sex while truly believing they are that sanctified one.  Thinking they’ve got everybody who wants to be like another body who hasn’t realized they are listening to a nobody, well…  Remember this.  Save it and cease with the fantastic stories.  I was there, remember, just like you, you and even you.  Together, deep in that zone.  Lovin’ the sweat, not once thinkin’ this can become a mess.  Exactly as she who stepped out of the Bugatti.  Oh, and for those of you who really thought you knew me, recall when we met and you pushed beginning with your test.  I told you then as I repeat now.  I really do this so if you wanna go, let the music begin.  Remember something else.  Right, I said this too.  The Game, it don’t change, maybe re-arrange but it don’t change.  Like you were on Deck and eventually we would break the set.  Oh, but that’s when you realized something else, “This MF is either straight crazy or really on one“. Oh yes, the actual glimpse of me that you thought set your spirit free, nothing but a sample of what you’d forever remember as the ultimate example.  And…  That when you finally knew.  “His eyes are open and I’m still caught up in imagery, how in the hell can this be“.  Now you really know how it must be.  Let the bitterness go.  It’s about survivin’, livin’ learning, understanding the reasons for the seasons and keep it from becoming a tool of treason.  Yes, we are all still standing, but.  More so me.  Not merely in the moment but.  Making my moments; magic.










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How does One accept what goes on within their intimate life when One can’t stand the person (s) lookin’ back at them in the mirror?

When the question was pushed, “How can I stay with my partner when they cheated on me”, my first thought; reflective.  It was the tone of voice which garnered my immediate attention primarily because.  The inflections upon the words chosen brought forth the condition of a declaration.  Yes, when communicating with another listen closely and you too can achieve this same ability in distinguishing while deciphering the exact origin of meanings.  A declarative statement comes when One is still processing what it is that has caused them to pause in the first place.  Declarative, under these circumstances means, “The pain, oh the pain”.  And yes, Pain replies.  “I’m here, simmering just below the first layer of your skin, waiting. Patiently for the moment you thinks everything is okay and then, bam.  I become the primarily reality while continuing to strike with a paralyzing force letting you know I am.  Large and in-charge because “YOU” refused to process me correctly during your initial exposure with what I bring to your table.  Hummm, the sting, it still hurts an even more than before.  I told ‘ya I was real…

First, when the realization comes and you visual the cheatin’ you know has happened, don’t…  I say again, don’t act surprised.  You should have been “making time” when you first set sights on your hearts’ desire.  Right, in relationships most are “marking time” which is the process of counting conquests and not making time which is focused pro-active devotion while truly engaged. Once cheatin’ has come to the light know this; there’s no new and improved School of Thought where One can enroll and learn the ways of romance which is the real motivation for the intimate relationship.  Something else, if One does slip up, identify a plan of approach and appears to be making time the Haters are already aligned and will voice in a collective way.  “You don’t know a damn thang about why you seem to be havin’ it your way with your significant other so stop it and come listen to me”.  Which brings me to this position.  Yes, the more this is contemplated and the FOLK involved rear their heads voicing their opinions, the more it appears counterintuitive to me so…  Why even listen to anybody who’s track record resembles the record of One who’s compromised themselves in all their previous intimate endeavors?

Secondly, when another cheats on One the difficulty in acceptance regarding what has just become joint common knowledge is based on what One has disliked of the self when reflecting on the image projected while in; The mirror.  This is to say, when you find fault within yourself don’t even think the other won’t identify the insecurities displayed within One’s psyche’ also.  Oh yes, what One assumes isn’t seen is always seen, just…  Seldom spoken about because.  Like you, the One in observation is from the same school of thought that says, “Calculate ,examine your opponent, risks factors, down grade immediately because this is pleasure baby, pure pleasure ”.  Right, the mind-set going into a relationship based on this dynamic pushes One to believe the hype.  “I’m not competing because they.  They…  They are so compatible with me this has to be real.”  Possibly, because with all the B.S. previously heard, believe and accepted your mind…  Is playin’ tricks on you.

Take it back to the beginning and you shall see, all relationship have a point where life is revolving while evolving in a state of total bliss.  Everything feels so good.  The stars in the sky are all in their proper alignment, the moon has shined down on One engulfing them and theirs in that lunar effect.  Nothing could be greater because…  Everything feels so right.  Hummm, it’s during this moment that One should consider and make the consideration extreme because.  You’ve just become the unlikely receptor of a chemically induced emotional head rush.  Don’t partake in illegal drug usage?  Doesn’t matter, the body has a remarkable Water Management program of which nothing man nor kind has been able to duplicate.  Now, with this in mind, factor in the body’s chemical manufacturing processing systems and you will quickly realize, The Cartel ain’t got nothin’ on you in the way of internal substances that are produced for one purpose.  To make you feel good.  Extremely “high”.  So all this bliss is, self induced and fully anticipated once and when you know.

Third, when you accept those aspects of The Self to which, One always publicly says “I luv myself”, when.  You truly know the real is, “There’s always something about me I can’t stand, and would change in a heart-beat”…  What, you thought you hid it well?  Don’t trip, you are only human.  What you hid was your ability to keep up what you started up.  Which was, a relationship built on the best you got, when…  The reality was, you knew you couldn’t keep it up but…  Who would find out and if you were exposed, too much time would have passed and nobody ‘ucks it up when vested.  Actually this is more manufactured B.S…

Movin’ from the traditional because all of what has been said is elementary. Cheatin’ happens because… Because… You just wasn’t all that from The Gate and yes I know there is the X Factor of which no one has any control of, still. The betrayal is felt based on the realization of what One kept seeing in the mirror yet refused to deal with straight-up with no chaser. When you “Play Hard” you’ve gotta think about the prequel. Its comin’ and not in the sequence you anticipated. There’s always a second act, side two, the flippin’ of the script because. That’s what FOLK have been pre-programmed to envision when dealin’ with another. Oh, forgot about the “elephant in the room”? Shouldn’t have ‘cause I told ya there isn’t a school to get you ready for the relationship but there will always be the spread of methods to beat you down once… Caught up. Again, if you think “traditional” you will miss the real. I suggest stepping outta your comfort zone and soar with what you may find. Once it happens it’s like stopping the bell from ringing after it rang. It happened, the move now is to become aware of the causes. Reflect and plot a plan on how to make the correction and. You will continue to find displeasure in the choices you accept for mates, but. It doesn’t stop the pro-active process.

Been cheated on…  Well you should have been paying attention to the clock.  When considering time and watching it pass, you soon realize, “It ain’t over”, it’s never over as in…  Over.  There’s always, time.  When arriving at this juncture you find the horizons are so much brighter because.  Options began to reveal themselves in ways and possible means not quite before imagined. There’s still the tried and true resolution beginning with leaving.  Or, you can back-track while setting the stage to win He or She back, but.  Fail to consider the option of “Who am I and What will I do for me”, and you will keep repeating the process beginning with selections from the of disillusioned mind category.

When I was “Played On”,(Oh, we don’t refer to this aspect of life as cheatin’ but it’s all the same).  When it happened to me I went through the same range of negative emotions just like average FOLK, but.  I rose above the madness because I truly know we aren’t all the same so that standardized classic B.S. about we are all the same, I won’t pick up.  Step with me, mesmerize me while telling me I’m the best you’ve ever had and I know one thing.  Even though I really really wanna believe you and know that I can find a way to absorb your inspiring words while making it all emotionally adaptable, you are a lie.  Same fears and phobias I held, no doubt I knew my significant other had those mirrored images reflected right back at ‘em when they stood, contemplating all their successes.  With…  One huge difference, sometimes my magic mirror displayed nightmares and I had every intention of blasting them right outta my life. How?  The same way any addiction is dealt with.  Yes, the cheatin’ aspect of a relationship is akin to an addiction.

The basic realities of all relationships are just that, basic.  You wanna win at this “re-configuration of self” get with this blue print.  Like an addiction you’ve gotta wanna change before change will manifest.  Like an addict goes to rehab so they may rid themselves of all the toxins poisoning their body because of what they keep putting in it.  You also have to understand the values of following an exact blueprint.  The only way you’re gonna maintain any sense of exclusivity within a relationship you’ve gotta continuously return to the source for the same purification.  Find your reasons for being and make them trump.  What makes you stand minus all the B.S will trump when you believe in it and live by it.

Cheated on, really…  Is there actually such a thing and if it is so what.  When or if it happens in your world, expand the alliances within that world.  Reach out and touch.  Create a support system. Not one where everybody is reciting those same ‘ol tired ass phrases.  You wanna take your re-certification in relationship 101 to the highest level.  Maybe ,in your moment of lapse and you find yourself driving aimlessly, lock into a real lyricist.  Those who compose songs usually have had universal experiences of which they’ve managed to find the capacity to put it into a language with a melodic component.  To point you in a liked minded direction, think Rick James.  He pinned a piece where the lyrics went like this.  “Dance with, dance with me baby. Shake your body all over and dance with me”.  Now imagine stepping to your significant other and sayin’ this.  No one especially a lover, consciously wants to refuse a dance where they are the center of attention.  Does something magical to the overall connection of intimacy.  Words such as this becomes personal mantras and privately elevate because they make One focus on what happens when One procrastinates while standing on that hype about, right.  “The Best I’ve Ever Had”.

All of those groups where One attends and say, “My name is, and I’m a…”  These groups have one good thing in common.  They know it ain’t ever over.  When you least expect it the monster will re-appear and this isn’t to say, cheatin’ is inevitable.  What is gonna happen, what is inevitable is…  Life.  So search and find those or One who is aware of the dynamics making up your life. Don’t settle based on what’s trending at any given time.  What’s popular isn’t always what’s best.  Western Society is steep in “Group Dynamics” which is a sheep’s mentality.  Break smooth away from this cycle.  Don’t wanna find yourself wonderin’ if He or She is creepin’ while you sleep, wake the ‘uck up.  Connect yourself to you and define who you are, accept what you wanna be about and be about that.

“This is a prioritization for your health and life. Believe that!”

Psssss; When I found myself in the mist of…  She who cheated on me and after listening to her explanation.  A story thought of and planned for this very occasion, I was also consumed with my very own plan designed to give me psychological restoration despite of past “regressions”, but.  I wasn’t about to give her the satisfaction and play the role she pre-scripted for me.  Instead, I listened intently, held her hand and gazed into her eyes and…  When she knew she had me again, I…  Hummm, this is where the prequel comes immediately into play.  Did I, swoop her off her feet, holding her high above the ground.  Place that over-due passionate kiss upon her lips and accidentally drop her on her ass just to get back like she did when she cheated on me and believe it was now, equal between us or…  Was I the One who listened and applied the same charisma she thought she had seen all the facets of when we were engaged only to discover, now…  I was more self-centered than she’d ever imagined and.  While looking into her eyes, mentally projecting my un-dying stupidity for her and her psychologically debilitating antics, of which I blasted back into a time neither She or I intended to re-examine and…  Have the valet rush to bring up my car so she and I could make it to the nearest hotel, do the nasty, shower and cuddle one last time before. Before she and I returned to our prospective significant others?  This has been scripted, edited and produced by none other than; The 22nd G.  There will be no others like me.  Assimilation?  Of course, but…  That still won’t make you me.  Take what ‘cha can, absorb, re-design, make it personal and claim it.  That’s how you soar with the visualization of what others see, know and are willing to share.

On One…

Posted in Communications, psychology, Relationships with tags on July 1, 2014 by ichas8440 the mist of crisis, approaching; chaos. A challenge came.  Strike that, a confrontation as I was accused of thinking I knew way more than the next person.  Un-fluttered by this intrusion I listened as a story unfolded about how the Ex. ruled this Dreamers dream.  Deep in his dream, living large conquering his world then.  Unannounced, not remotely associated with this part of the script she’d appear.  Sex down the Dreamer even if sex wasn’t in the equation, then.  Still conscious of being in “dream state” she’d slip outta the bed almost as if a vapor.  He’d see her, standing by the open window dialing 911 and watch as he’d be arrested for some trumped-up charged she’d concocted.  Once said this Dreamer visibly shaken, stepped back, tears running hard as he asked, “What can I do, she’s got her hooks in me”.

I should have told him to take 2 aspirin and call me in the morning, but.  I asked how often do these types of conditions occur during his dream state.  Quickly he said, every time something is going right she shows up and reminds me how wrong my impressions of what I thought I was gonna be, are.  With that expressed there was no further need for eval..  The Dreamer had given up his dignity and she accepted it with honor.  Many times a substitution is made and what comes in to provide a moment for relief isn’t always…  Re-livable. Ex’s have a way of sub-consciously slipin’ in where One thinks they should have the win.  This happens because way too much power has been assigned to the dynamics of the pleasure principle One assumed the Ex. brought to the table.

Remedy; Don’t talk about vanquishing the world in which you once lived and died by the Ex.’s’ presence within your life; do it.  And while you do don’t even assume you can visit the possibilities of a bi-dimensional reality in the hopes of re-mapping your actual reality, cause.  It ain’t happening.

Speaking of dual realities and the psycho-emotional impacts they hold all living beings to, get with this concept.  We hear about the conceptual possibilities of another world existing right next to our actual physical world, ‘cept.  We just can’t see or directly connect with these worlds.  Well, some can and those who have agree on this reality.  If you’re gettin’ your butt kicked in one dimension, best believe it’s happening across the galaxy because.  Change isn’t gonna come until you realistically decide that you’ve had enough and break the so-called “chain”.

How can he get all this when in the mist of crisis?”

Whoever said I was the One in the mist of crisis!

Descending the mountains, returning from my sabbatical and into the madness known as society I knew I had to pay the Mafioso Boss a visit.  Oh yes, remember?  All I deliver is connected, plus  when One can be located knowin’ the GPS was shut down way way back and no other living Soul was made privy to my whereabouts nothing in my world is no longer sacred.  Not even “My Blanket”.

Tony found, the meet and greet commenced.  Topic of convo, same as before.  ‘Cept, Wifey had advanced in age and; interest.  We made quick time of our time and arrived at the points in which brought us to this second coming.  Oh yes, despite being in his home initially, awaiting his Wifey to partake in lunch with Yours Truly, and…  Extending frivolous explanations as to why I was there, only to be given a pass guaranteeing the continuation of my physical life…  Not much had verbally been exchanged.  Tony knew of me but had no further understanding of Wifey’s motivations bringing Yours Truly into his world.

Today, Wifey was still the woman residing on the arm, living inside the home of a true live Mafioso, she was forever on the prowl.  Object of desire now.  She flipped completely, no longer was she seeking the touch of a man, she wanted woman.  Tony talked, and I imagined what becomes when One has; everything.  History came to mind.  Various past cultures and with these visions came; Clarity.  I explained to the guy who could have snatched my breath away years ago, “Chalk It Up To The Game”.  He pondered this revelation for a moment, smiled and said. “O blod de O blod da, sounds like some Beatles tune. Mulies have all these clever sayings, some make sense. You, not a Mullie but still, clever. On this Game thing, you’re right. Don’t hate the game, hate the player, hunnn!”  He found solace and…  I did too.  I wasn’t sought to be told in some cryptic way I could be reached no matter where I was, but.

Liked minded people attract.  Tony had always wanted to know why the Wifey would risk all she had acquired, all they had built/established for a “quicky” with me, yet.  Business trumped all and he let the beat go on without pausing to listen to what I’ve learned to be the rhythm within life.  Back at that time I didn’t really listen either and could care less what her motivations where but. As said previously, like-minded people attract, this is an extension of those days and attractions.  We were three people going through our defined cycles.  As for now, this new interest in same sex, whoa. Could explain but… I’ll leave it to resourceful minds and; history.

2 am on the streets again.  Beverly Hills, window shopping.  Car pulls up, voices ring out, “You’d better check yourself before you wreck yourself”.  European Americans fantasizing.  To a degree they were right, I didn’t fit the racial profile of One assumed to make up the commercial or residents comprising Beverly Hills, but.

Leaving one street winding onto another, I continued my looking.  Many of the shops changed names.  As for those who understood their place, they remained the same.  Full circle, Wilshire Boulevard and there was the car that held the passengers who…  I guess had thought they were giving me advice.  BHPD had ‘em all stretched out on the sidewalk, face down, hands locked behind their heads, fingers laced.  I saw them all, heads cocked, necks rotating, all to get a look at me.  I kept doin’ what I did and in that split second, I believe it donned on ‘em all.  “Beverly Hills, like any place else, it’s all about the attitude. Present yourself knowing you belong and you will… Belong.”

What…”  Okay, for those who ain’t knowin’ and couldn’t even break outta a wet paper back, I’ll dial it down for you.  Art doesn’t imitate life, life reflects The Arts created by man and kind in the never-ending story to leave a legacy known as…  Life.  What you did yesterday may not be explainable today or even later in the days, what’s important is.

Psssss; Much Luv to all of you who have the insight to follow what I present.  It’s you all who provide the motivation required so that I can think, grow and become spiritually richer.  Many have ”Been There” but we will not know who’s actually ‘Done That” unless.  We have “Exchange Cards”.  Tony is a Mafioso.  What he’s not is a three-headed monster who’s heads are being pulled in various directions because of one brain trying to control it all.  That’s media hype.  The Boyz extending advice in Beverly Hills…  Well hopefully they had the money to bail out of jail because they had no intentions of heeding their own advice.  Emulation, assimilation can be a Bitch.  The Dreamer and his, they have a long way to go before they arrive.  Why?  Because way too many think they know something and when you stop, look and listen, it’s soon apparent.  They like many have sight, but lack; insight.


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